Guide for Requirements to Lodge Application Forms, Filling and Process in 2023 Bhutan

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Bhutan welcome total 18 countries visa free or visa on arrival and about 0.3 million tourist visit every year.

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Apply Visa for Bhutan

Bhutanese government makes travelling abroad feasible by a swift online process. It requires you to feed your personal information and travelling plan in an application form.

Follow the instructions given below for filling out a successful application.

Registration of Bhutanese Traveling Abroad

  • The purpose of this Registration is to enable the Royal Government to have readily available information about Bhutanese travelling abroad for extended stay beyond three months for studying , working or living abroad.

  • The information will enable the Royal Government to assist its citizens in times of emergencies or other difficult situations facing them and provide essential consular services.

  • It will also enable the Royal Government to disseminate important information about important developments and events in the country which will require the active participation of all citizens.

Email address* : Enter your active email address.

Terms and Conditions: You may read the terms and conditions and select YES for the application to proceed.

The information you provide to the "Registration of Bhutanese Traveling Abroad" service may only be used by the Royal Government of Bhutan or a third party upon authorization by the Government.

The information provided will be solely used for contacting and assisting you and your co-travellers in case of emergency and for any other purpose deemed necessary by the Government.

The information provided shall be used for the intended purpose and in accordance with the Constitution of Bhutan.

You are required to provide precise and accurate information and we presume that the information provided by you is complete and true to the best of your knowledge

You may click  ACCEPT, if you agree to the said terms and conditions.

Do you ACCEPT? *



Personal Details

Name *: Provide your full name as appears in your official document (ID Card or Passport)

Date of Birth *: Enter your date of birth in the format mm/dd/yyyy, you may write 24/01/1997.

Gender *: Select your gender as male or female.



Passport No /TD No/CID No/SRP No. *: For this tab you have to provide your ‘Passport No’, or ‘Travel Document No’, or ‘Card Identification Number’, or ‘Special Resident Permit No’.

TD: Trave Document No, SRP: Special Resident Permit No.

Mobile No *: Enter your mobile number

facebook id/ wechat id/ whatsapp no: To provide Facebook ID, go to your profile link.

Co-Travellers if Any  Only Family Member(no need to register separately for the family member) Name and Passport Number separated by comma if more than one family member

Total Number of Co-travellers(including your self)

A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.

Travel Details

Country *: Enter the country you want to visit.

Purpose: Write about why do you want to visit Bhutan. It can be tourism, business, work, or education, etc.

Address *: Mention your full residential address.

Mobile Number: Provide your mobile number.

Duration of Travel *: Specify your stay as long term, or short term. Select Long Term, if your stay is longer than six months, or Short Term if less than six months)

Date of Travel *: Enter the date your travel starts in mm/dd/yyyy format.

Date of Return *: Here, enter the date your trip ends in the same format.

Person to Contact in Bhutan *: Provide the details of a Person currently in Bhutan to be contacted in an emergency.

Follow the Name, Relation, Mobile No, email address if available format.

For example, Michelson John, Cousin, 447712345678,

Co-Travellers (if Any): If you are travelling with your family members, provide their name and passport number. In case, the entries are more than two, separate their information by a comma.

  • You do not need to enter separate forms for your family members.

Total Number of Co-Travellers: In this tab, enter the total count of travellers, including you. If you are going with one of your family members, you may write '2'.