Guide for Requirements to Lodge Application Forms, Filling and Process in 2023 Ghana


Ghana welcome total 44 countries visa free or visa on arrival and about 5 million tourist visit every year.

Embassy of Ghana

Apply Visa for Ghana

Ghana Applicant Form Guide

Ghana could give many reasons to choose it as the next dream travel destination. It's one of the countries with low crime rates with a stable economy. Locals have always been warm to foreign visitors and take pride in their culture and symbolism. Lively festivals, unique ethnicity, and one-of-a-kind world heritage could make each visit-worthy.

Ghana issues different types of visas. It depends on the traveler's nationality, duration, and purpose of visit. Requirements may vary. The single-entry visa validity period may range from 60 days to 90 days.

Several nationalities can travel in Ghana visa-free, which they can get upon arrival at the airport. Ghana Visa On Arrival may involve extended waiting in long queues in the Immigration. In the meantime, most countries have to apply for Ghana visas to gain entry. Applicants may submit an embassy visa application at least a month before the intended travel date.

Travelers eligible for Ghana Tourist Visa:

  • Traveler's stay in the country will not exceed 90 days
  • Traveler submitted the complete requirements to obtain Ghana Visa
  • Traveler guarantees to leave the country before the expiration date of the visa
  • The traveler shall not use the approved visa to work and study in the country
  • The traveler has the financial capacity to stay in the country in the given period

Types of Ghana Visa:

  • Single Transit Visa
  • Multiple Transit Visa
  • Single Entry Visa (3 Months)
  • Multiple Entry Visa (6 Months)
  • Multiple Entry Visa (1 Year)
  • Multiple Entry Visa (2 Years)

Ghana to Spearhead eVisa Application

Ghana E-Visa will soon expedite the process of getting the necessary authorization to enter the country. The purpose of online transactions is to eliminate the traditional way of filling up visa applications in a Consulate. Applicants only need an electronic device like a mobile phone or laptop, a stable internet connection, and a valid email address.

The target release date for the Ghana E-visa system is between January to May 2021. Once launched, eligible nationals can complete the tourist visa application anytime and anywhere. The government of Ghana aims to boost the tourism sector by making amendments to the visa policy. Ghana Immigration Services plan to take advantage of advanced technology and bring convenience to all international travelers planning to visit Ghana.

Eligible nationals with approved e-Visa applications may opt for Kotoka International Airport as their point of entry. Applicants must obtain requirements onhand, such as a passport, personal information, and other supporting documents. Application, payment, and visa confirmation will go through their registered email address. They can apply directly to a Consulate if the purpose of the visit is other than tourism.

Requirements for Ghana Visa Application

For Tourist:

  • Complete Ghana Visa Application form
  • Passport must have six months validity and at least one empty page
  • 2x2 Digital passport-sized photograph captured in a white background
  • Travel itinerary, including flight confirmation
  • Birth Certificate and notarized letter of consent for travelers under 18 years old (if applicable)
  • Certificate of Yellow Fever vaccination

For Business:

  • Complete Ghana Visa Application form
  • Passport must have six months validity and at least one empty page
  • 2x2 Digital passport-sized photograph captured in a white background
  • Business cover letter from the company
  • Official letter of invitation from the company that indicates the nature of the business, the purpose of visit, and date of travel
  • Travel itinerary, including your entry and exit ticket.

Ghana Travel Restrictions Due to Covid-19

Filling a Health Declaration Form is mandatory. International visitors age six and above have to present a negative PCR test upon arrival at the airport. Tests conducted must not exceed 72 hours before the departure date. Testing for minor travelers between the ages of five and twelve is free. Otherwise, a traveler must shoulder all applicable fees during the test. Passengers who tested positive will have to undergo seven days of isolation in a designated health facility.

Start of Ghana Visa Application

The 1st section will ask about your personal information. Select the type of visa you need, and the category depends on your purpose of visit. Ensure that your personal information matches the details in your passport to avoid discrepancies.

In the 2nd section, it will ask about your travel history. Ensure that your passport number, spelling, and dates are all accurate.

In the 3rd section, you have to disclose the address, contact information, and place of accommodation.

In the 4th section, you must upload all required documents on hand. Kindly check the list above for your reference.

In the 5th section, you have to read and agree on the Declaration Form. Below the form, you can select a payment method to settle the visa fee. The system will generate an application reference number once payment is successful.

Visa Application

1. Select Visa Category

Please provide documentary evidence with application

A-1: Ambassador, Public Minister, Career Diplomat or Consular Officer and members of immediate family

A-2: Other foreign-government officials or employee and members of immediate family

A-3: Attendant, servant or personal employee of A-1 and A-2 classes and members of immediate family

B-1: Temporary visitor for business

B-2: Temporary tourist visitor

C-1: Alien in transit

C-2: Foreign government official, members of immediate family, attendant, servant or personal employee, in transit

D-1: Crewmen (seaman or airman)

E-1: Personnel of companies of countries who have investment treaties with Ghana

E-2: Immediate family of Personnel of Treaty Investor/ Trader companies

F-1: Student

F-2: Spouse or child of student

G-1: Principal resident representative of recognised foreign member government to international organisation, his staff, and members of immediate family

G-2: Other representatives of recognised foreign member government to International organisation and members of immediate family

G-3: Representative of non-recognised or non-member foreign government to international organisation and members of immediate family

G-4: International organisation officer or employee and members of immediate family

G-5: Attendant, servant or personal employee of G-1, G-2, G-3 and G-4 classes and members of immediate family

H-1: Temporary worker of distinguished merit and ability

H-2: Temporary worker performing services unavailable in Ghana

H-3: Trainee

H-4: Spouse or child of alien classified H-1, H-2 or H-3

I-1: Representative of foreign information media, spouse and children

J-1: Exchange visitor (Voluntary worker)

J-2: Spouse or child of exchange visitor

K-1:Fiancé or Fiancée of Ghana Citizen

K-2:Minor Child of Fiancé or Fiancée of Ghana Citizen

L-1: Intra-company transferee (executive, managerial and specialised personnel continuing employment with International firm or corporation)

L-2: Spouse or minor child of alien classified L-1

M-1: Vocational student

M-2: Spouse or child of vocational student

Application Details

2. Country of Residence *

Ghana High Commission UK and Ireland process applications from these  countries only

 United Kingdom

3. Visa Type *

 Single Entry Visa (3 Months)

 Multiple Entry Visa (6 Months)

 Multiple Entry Visa (1 Year)

 Multiple Entry Visa (2 Years)

4. Nationality *

5. Nationality at Birth *

6. Processing Office *

Please ensure you reside in the selected processing office as your application may be rejected


  If Country of Residence Ireland then Dublin

7. Service Type *

24 or 72 hour application processing time means 24 or 72 working hours following the receipt of hard copy application form with all supporting documents. 24 and 72hours applications can only be made via counter service subject to availability of appointment.

 Standard Application

8. Mode Of Submission *

Please note standard application will take 10-15 working days from receipt of hard copy of application at the Mission.

  Postal Services

  If Country of Residence Ireland then

  Counter Services

  Postal Services

Fees : £6.45


9. First & Middle Names (as indicated in your Passport) *

10. Surname (as indicated in your Passport) *

11. Mode of Communication

 Email and Text

 Email Only

12. Mobile Number *

13. Confirm Mobile Number *

14. Email *

15. Confirm Email *

Personal Information

16. Title *   Mr / Mr / Miss / Ms / Dr / Prof / Rev

17. Surname (as indicated in your Passport) *

18. First & Middle Names (as indicated in your Passport)

19. Previous/Maiden Name(s)*

20. Gender *           Male / Female

21. Marital Status *          Single / Married / Widowed / Divorced

22. Profession/ Occupation *                 Profession/ Occupation should not be the same as Designation

23. Date of Birth *

24. Place of Birth *

Travel Details

25. Duration of stay *(in days)        Note:Proposed collection date will be

  Specify Duration

  Enter Duration
 Duration (in days)

26. Date of Departure from UK *        Applications cannot be made more than 3 months from intended date of travel

27. Do you have a return ticket?

28. Date of last visit to Ghana

29. Mode of journey:                By Air / By Land / By Sea

30. Financial means at applicant's disposal *        [Please indicate amount with symbols first(Example £500)]

Ghana Flag

Passport Details

Passport Number

Place of Issue *

Date of Issue *

Expiry Date *

Travel History / Criminal Convictions

Have you ever been refused a visa to Ghana?



  If yes     Details*

Have you ever been refused entry into or deported from Ghana?



 If yes 


Do you have a criminal record in Ghana or any other country?



If yes 


Do you suffer from a mental disorder?



If yes 


Do you suffer from any communicable disease?



If yes 


Have you ever visited Ghana before?



If yes 


Contact Information 

Residential Address in UK

Applicant Name *

Address Line1 *

Address Line2

Town *

Country * United kingdom     London

County *

Post Code*

Telephone (if not available please enter N/A) *

Mobile *

Prefered mode of contact      Telephone     Mobile

Mailling Address
Select if the Address is same as Residential Address

Recipient Name

Address Line1 *

Address Line2

Town *


Post Code*

Business/ Work/ School address in UK

Name of Business/Work/School *

Address Line *

Town *

Country *

Post Code*


Name & Address of reference1/Hotel in Ghana

Name of Reference *

Address Line1 *

Address Line2

Telephone *

Name & Address of reference1/Hotel in Ghana

Name of Reference *

Address Line1 *

Address Line2

Telephone *

Name & Address of Employer in Ghana                Not Applicable

Name of Employer *

Address Line1 *

Address Line2

Telephone *

Application Completed by Another Person

For Persons completing this form on behalf of Applicants who cannot read or write English

The above declaration has been read and interpreted by me in ___________   the  Language to the applicant and he/she approves of it.

Full Name *        ___________

Address *        ___________

Telephone Number        ___________

Mobile Number *        ___________

Required checkLists and documents uploading

Checklist Name

  • Valid passport*
  • Two recent passport-size photographs*
  • Evidence of admission to school in Ghana*
  • Evidence of payment of fees*
  • Transfer certificate from last school attended*
  • Proof that applicant will be supported while in Ghana without taking up employment.*
  • Appropriate fees*
  • Yellow fever vaccination certificate
  • Stamped Self addressed Special Delivery envelope (For Glasgow Office applications only)
  • Letter of Authorisation
  • SIGNED Application Form (unsigned application forms will be returned)*
  • Other
  • A Copy of Resident Permit/Proof of Address (with the exception of UK and Republic of Ireland nationals) *
  • Pre-paid self addressed envelop (Mandatory for all Postal applications to Dublin office)

Declaration by Applicant

I have read and understood all the questions in this application. I shall be fully responsible for the answers and the photograph which are true and correct. I understand that the type of visa, number of entries and duration of each stay will be decided by consuls, and any false, misleading or incomplete statement may result in the refusal of a visa or denial of entry into Ghana.

(If there is more information to declare, please provide below)



Payment Option*        (Note:Fees are non-refundable once paid,whether application is submitted for processing or not.)

If online payment

Payment method*

NOTE: Fees are non-refundable

Visa Application : Online Payment Confirmation