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Guinea welcome total 32 countries visa free or visa on arrival and about million tourist visit every year.

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The tribal culture of Papua New Guinea stands out among diverse ethnicities around the globe. The country is also known as a diver's paradise as they showcase unique micro critters and corals. It is almost an untouched paradise in terms of culture and geographics.

All kinds of visitation in Papua New Guinea requires a visa, and documents may vary depending on the purpose of travel. Immigration and Citizenship Authority launched a Tourist e-Visa that allows eligible nationalities to stay in the country within 60 days. Starting November 2018, travelers may apply PNG e-Visa online using their electronic devices. E-Visa system aims to make seamless transactions and bring convenience to anyone willing to visit Papua New Guinea for tourism and business purposes. Once submitted, applicants will receive the confirmation on their registered email address. They must print a copy and present it to PNG border control.

The on-arrival visas are only applicable for foreign nationals entering through Port Moresby’s Jacksons International Airport and Tokua (Rabaul) International Airport.

Papua New Guinea e-Visa Types:

Papua New Guinea issues short-term visas and long-term visas depending on the needs of the travelers.

Papua New Tourist Visa –

This type of visa is applicable for eligible nationals visiting Papua New Guinea for tourism, family unification, journalism, sports activities, and non-commercial film-making. The period of stay is a maximum of sixty days upon the date of arrival. Travelers can request an extension if necessary. The extension period does not exceed 30 days. Obtaining a tourist visa does not allow travelers to use it for employment purposes.

Papua New Business Visa –

Papua New Guinea only issues short-term visas for business with two categories. Obtaining a Short-Term Business Visa does not allow travelers to use it for employment purposes. Dependents of Business Visa holders can only get Tourist Visa to enter the country and are subject to approval. The extension is not possible for both Short-Term Single-Entry Business Visa and Short-Term Multiple-Entry Business Visa.

  • A short-term Single-Entry Business Visa grants a maximum of thirty days for a person to fulfill any business-related activities in PNG.
  • Short-Term Multiple-Entry Business Visa grants a maximum of sixty days per entry within a year.

Papua New Employment Visa –

It is applicable for eligible nationals who plan to work in Papua New Guinea, i.e., Employees of Major Development Project Companies. The validity of stay is between three months to three years, and eligible for multiple-entry. People involved in major infrastructure projects can work in the country without an employment permit, provided that their stay will not exceed six months. The Chief Migration Officer of Immigration will review the application, and all amendments are subject to approval. The extension is possible for a continuous work contract or if an employee got promoted to a new position. For such instances, employees must request a new working permit from the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations. They must complete their requested visa extension 30 days before the expiration date of the original working permit.

Papua New Foreign Official Visa –

It is applicable for eligible foreign government employees with no diplomatic or official status. These people conduct business on behalf of their government. Visa validity is up to three years. The extension is possible depending on the classifications of the entry permit.

Required Documents for Papua New Guinea e Visa:

Requirements for Papua New Guinea Tourist Visa –

  • Complete Papua New Guinea visa application form
  • Scan or photocopy of passport's information and one empty visa page (with a minimum of six months validity upon arrival in PNG)
  • Digital passport-sized photo of the applicant captured in white background (Width and height should be 150 X 200 pixels)
  • Return ticket and proof of accommodation
  • Active and valid email address
  • Credit or debit card to pay visa fees online
  • Proof of financial capacity
  • Certificate of Yellow Fever vaccine
  • Athletes, sports trainers, and staff should get a letter of invitation from the Papua New Guinea sports body or committee
  • Noncommercial filmmakers should obtain approval from the National Forest Inventory
  • Journalists must present a letter from a sponsored institution. They also need a certificate of approval from the Department of Foreign Affairs & Immigration indicating OIC Media Unit and Public Relations

Requirements for Papua New Guinea Business Visa –

  • Letter of recommendation from sponsored company or organization that indicates the purpose of visit, location of the business, duration, and proposal of visit frequency
  • Letter of invitation from sponsored company or organization
  • Return ticket and proof of accommodation

Requirements for Papua New Guinea Non-Governmental Employment Visa –

  • Incorporation Certificate
  • Investment Promotion Authority (IPA) Certificate
  • Maintenance Guarantee Bond
  • Department of Labor and Industrial Relations approval letter
  • Curriculum Vitae and proof of Education background

Requirements for Papua New Guinea Governmental Employment Visa –

  • Offer letter or contract from the employer or Department of Personnel Management
  • Curriculum Vitae and proof of Education background
  • Letter of recommendation from sponsored company or organization
  • Department of Labor and Industrial Relations approval letter
  • Employment Visa Undertaking
  • Medical Examination
  • Police Clearance

Requirements for Papua New Guinea Visa Extension –

  • Fill up the "Application to Extend Entry Permit” Form
  • Settle MSF fee
  • The letter that indicates the reason for the extension
  • Proof of return ticket
  • Maintenance Guarantee Bond and Department of Labor and Industrial Relations approval letter (applicable for Employment Visa extension)
  • Cover letter from a company or business organization (applicable for business visa)
  • Bring supporting documents from sponsored company or organization indicating the purpose of extension (applicable for Foreign Official Visa)

Additional Travel Requirements due to COVID-19:

  • Health Declaration Form (mandatory travel require in compliance with COVID-19 safety protocol)
  • PCR test or Medical Clearance Certificate (mandatory travel require in compliance with COVID-19 safety protocol)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA TRAVEL ADVISORY: Prime Minister James Marape previously declared the State Of Emergency on March 22, 2020. The government advised everyone to wear a mask and practice social distancing. All incoming visitors must quarantine in seven days upon arrival at PNG.

Start of Papua New Guinea e Visa Application:

The application has five parts, and all required fields must have the correct information. Inconsistent information may result in a delay. You may opt to save your visa application and finish it at a later time. The system will populate an Online Application ID as your reference. It will send an electronic notification to your registered email.

Note: The first part is about your personal information. Ensure that the details matched what's in your passport.

Welcome to ETA Electronic Travel Authorisation of GUINEA

Guinea has introduced an electronic visa, also called e-visa to facilitate entry into its territory. The new service enables people to apply for a visa to Guinea from the comfort of their own home or office. Please refer to the Visa Application guidelines here

Note: The online application of eVisa does not entitle the visa. Your request can be accepted or rejected by the Authority and there will be no refund. The administrative costs incurred for the processing of your application. The amount paid is kept by the administration, even in cases where visas are denied.

Information for Visitor

Every foreign national who wishes to enter Guinea would need a Visa, except for visa waiver countries. Visitor must ensure to meet or possess the following entry requirements stated by Central Directorate of the Border Police (DCPAF)

Issuing authority of the travel document

Select Country


a valid passport or travel document

a scanned copy of valid passport’s datapage

a valid return ticket

Yellow Fever Certificate


Not exceeding five years.


USD 80


Apply for your visa online

An acknowledgement email of your successful submission will be sent to your registered email.

An Entry Visa Letter will be sent to you once the application is approved by the Authority.

Then, proceed to the visa on-arrival counter to get your visa. Applicant photo and fingerprint will be captured at the enrolment counter

What are the documents needed upon arrival at Guinean entry checkpoints?

Valid Passport (with validity more than 6 months)

Your Entry Visa Letter

Sufficient funds (Cash/ Travellers Cheque/Debit or Credit Cards) to cover expenses during your stay at Guinea

A valid return ticket

Proof of accommodation

Contact Information

Note that the Email Address is very important, as that is how we will send your confirmation. Double check the email very carefully. If there is no email found, please check in your email spam folder.

Email*                        Please click here to get your email verification code
Verification Code*        Please enter the verification code you received by email here
Type the code shown*

Part 1 - Traveler Information

First Name*
Last Name*
Date Of Birth*
Place Of Birth*
Country Of Birth*
Nationality At Birth*
Current Nationality*

Marital Status*

Part 1a - Place of Application

Correspondence Address*
Zip Code
Phone Number*

You have saved visa application. Below are your logon details :

Online Application ID : OA0000000010286

Please jot down and keep this details as your reference.

You can amend your incomplete application by login to the system with the details given.

The information also has been sent to your respective email. If you did not receive any email, please click this link. Resend Email

Part 2 - Passport Information

Online Application ID : OA0000000010286

Passport Number*

Issue Date*

Expiry Date*

Issuing Country*

Note: The second part will ask about your passport information. Double-check the passport number and choose the correct dates to avoid discrepancies in your application.

Part 3 - Trip Information

Online Application ID : OA0000000010286

Visa Type*        *Applicant is from treaty country

Purpose of Travel*

Arrival Date*

Departure Date*

Hotel / Host Name*

Hotel / Host Phone Number*

Local Address*

Local Address City*

Note: The third part will ask for information about your trip. Choose the applicable visa suited for your needs. Indicate your purpose, itinerary, and intended dates of travel.

Part 4 - Supporting documents

Online Application ID : OA0000000010286

Below are the required document for visa type : ENTRY VISA

A copy of the each scanned document is required in order to obtain a Guinea visa. Acceptable formats include PDF / JPG / PNG / GIF / BMP. Applicant's Photo should be at least 150 X 200 Pixels in Width and Height.

Mandatory Upload

PASSPORT DATAPAGE        Please enter File Description here.

APPLICANT PHOTO                Please enter File Description here.

Others Upload

Please Select                        Please enter File Description here.

Note: The fourth part will ask you to upload supporting documents. System will only allow PDF / JPG / PNG / GIF / BMP formats.

Part 5 - Payment Information

Online Application ID : OA0000000010286
Visa Type : ENTRY VISA

Visa Fee : USD 81.89

* Inclusive of 2% processing fee and 18% VAT on processing fee

Note: The last part will give details about the applicable visa fee. You may opt to pay it using a credit card or debit card, whichever is convenient for you. Processing fees and applicable value-added taxes may apply.

Payment Detail

Payment Date



Reference No.

Visa Fee

USD 81.89