Guide for Requirements to Lodge Application Forms, Filling and Process in 2021 Iran

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Iran welcome total 14 countries visa free or visa on arrival and about million tourist visit every year.

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Apply Visa for Iran

Things that you should know before applying for visa:

  • Persons who may have dual nationality should announce their nationality based on the travel documents/passport that they wish to carry.
  • In case nationality printed on visa is incompatible with nationality printed on passport, visa will be null and void.
  • An applicant may not be granted visa unless his/her passport is valid for at least six months.
  • Please make sure the photo you wish to upload meets all the requirements.Photo Standard Guide
  • Please make sure the passport copy you wish to upload meets all the requirements. Passport Copy Standard Guide

Visa Type *

Nationality *

Type of passport *

Personal photo *

The maximum size of the file to upload is 500 kilobytes(KB)

  • Height of this image is: 400 pixels. Image height should be at least 600 pixels.
  • The image dimensions must be in a rectangular aspect ratio (the width must be less than the height)

Passport Copy *

The maximum size of the file to upload is 500 kilobytes(KB)

Place of Issue *

The embassy or Consulate at which you wish to either submit your documents or collect visa.

Security code *

You choose an airport as Place of Issue

To apply for a Visa on Arrival, the following points should carefully be considered.

  • You must submit a hardcopy of Submission Notice to the Visa-On-Arrival counter at the airport. Submission Notice will be available when you have completed online visa application form.
  • Citizens of foreign countries, who are entitled to obtain visas at border checkpoints, must pay visa fee in euros through banking terminals at the airport.
  • Refuge and Travel Document holder are not allowed to apply for a Visa on Arrival.

  • English alphabets and numbers are only allowed to fill out forms.
  • Filling out the cases identified with an asterisk is required.

Step 1 Personal Information

  • If your name is spelled differently on your official documents, please write your name as shown in your passport.
  • When filling out applications, type your surname as it appears on your passport, travel or identity document or any letters you got from the visa office or Case Processing Centre where you sent your application (even if the name is misspelled).
  • If you have a middle name on your travel documents/passport, please enter your middle name(s) after your name in the name filed.

Nationality *

Visa Type *

First name *

Please type your name as it appears on your passport

Surname *

Please type your surname as it appears on your passport

Father’s name *

Gender *

Former nationality *

Place of birth *

Date of birth *

Marital status *

Occupation *

Personal photo

Step 2 Contact Information

  • Please fill up your contact information carefully. This information is used to verify your security status. Wrong information may lead to reject the application.
  • When you submit an application, a verification email is sent to your provided email. If you do not find such email, please contact us.
  • All communication is done through email address. Please be careful when enter the email address.
  • When you submit the application form, you must complete the email verification process.
  • Please provide your accommodation details in Iran including address and phone number.

Applicant's Phone Number *

Applicant's phone number outside Iran

Applicant's Cell Phone Number *

Applicant's cell phone number outside Iran

Email *

This email is used for request confirmation and additional information will be sent to this email

Zip code

Residence address *

Phone Number in Iran *

Numbers are only accepted

Address in Iran *

Step 3 Passport Information

  • Please fill up passport information carefully. The visa will be valid based on passport information you provide. Any conflict may lead to reject the application.
  • Please upload a copy of your passport. Its size should be below 500 KB and in JPG format.
  • Your passport should be valid for at least six months from when you submit an application, and needs to have two or more blank pages. Otherwise, your application may be rejected.

Passport number *

Capital alphabets and numbers are only accepted

Type of passport *

Date of issue *

Date of expiration *

Passport Copy

Step 4 Visa Information

  • Place of issue is I.R.Iran Embassy or Consulate at which you wish to submit your documents and collect visa. Please not that some visas are available on arrival in Iran, but otherwise visas must be pre-arranged through I.R.Iran embassy or consulate.
  • Visa duration and type of entry may change during application process.

Duration (Day) *

Type of entry *

Purpose of travel *

Approximate arrival date *

Approximate departure date *

Residence Card

The maximum size of the file to upload is 500 kilobytes(KB)


Please submit your original documents to I.R.Iran Embassy or Consulate as soon as possible. You are required to have a print of this page (through Print Application button at the bottom of the page) when you visit I.R.Iran Embassy or Consulate. You can review the latest status of your application through Application Status page by entering your tracking code. Your code is: