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countries open for vaccinated travelers

countries open for vaccinated travelers

For over a year, the pandemic has shackled our travelling activities. The novel Covid-19 has left us with so many uncertainties that it has become hard to catch up with the latest updates about the countries requiring PCR test or Antigen Test taken within time duration constraints. The add-on of Self-Isolation or Quarantine is also a headache for many travellers.

The bright side of this worst pandemic situation is that the rollout of vaccination programmes in different countries have made the travelling restrictions eased.

Many countries have made changes in their official entry requirements & Visa Requirements by travellers to get their tourists back in the country and give life to their staggering economy.

Countries that are Open for Vaccinated Travelers

Here is the list of countries that have allowed travellers to visit the country with comparatively relaxed restrictions.


The government of Belize no more requires a negative PCR / Antigen test from the travellers. Visitors from all the countries are allowed by the government to enter Belize if they got vaccinated at least two weeks before the arrival.

Visitors only need to present the documents of vaccination as proof before boarding.


As of 01-April-2021, any traveller visiting Croatia does not need to comply with the 48 hours PCR Test Requirement with negative results.

In contrast to other nations, Croatia recognizes both the Single Dose and the Second Dose versions of the vaccine.

Moreover, Croatia has resumed opening its borders for third-party passengers residing outside the EU, provided that they can show the accommodation proof or similar touristic activity.


Initially, Cyprus announced that they would accept the vaccinated tourists as of March 2021. However, they did not execute their plan when the day arrived, as the government made no official changes in the entry requirements.

However, according to recent updates, from 01-April-2021, they have expressed that they will allow the tourists from Israel to bypass the testing or quarantine requirements providing they are vaccinated.

The tourists from the UK would also be able to enter Cyprus by showing the vaccination proof only, from 01-May-2021.

Cyprus may add more countries to the allowed lists soon.


From 22-March-2021, Ecuador has allowed entry to the passengers who passed through the complete vaccination. The passengers do not require to produce a PCR test or antigen test document.


According to official reports from Georgia, from 01-February-2021, they have allowed the tourists to enter the territory by air as long as they can provide their certificate of proof of both doses of Covid- 19 vaccination.

Such vaccinated travellers can skip the prior Testing or Quarantine requirements.


As of February 2021, Guatemala has made official changes in the entry requirements of the travellers.

Now, the travellers who have received both (two) doses of covid-19 vaccination can enter Guatemala as long as they can provide a certificate of proof of their vaccination. 

The earlier PCR Test or Quranatine requirements do not need to be fulfilled by the travellers. The vaccinated travellers can move restriction free in the country provided that they got their vaccination treatment in less than two weeks before the date of travel.


Iceland has allowed travellers from all countries to enter the territory without any restriction, provided they have got vaccinated against the pandemic.

As of 18-March-2021, the government has lifted the testing or quarantine requirements for the travellers who can provide an international certificate of vaccination against covid- 19.


Lebanon has stated that the travellers from all nations who can present their proof of covid-19 vaccination do not need to quarantine themselves upon arrival. 

However, the travellers have to meet regular visa requirements to enter Lebanon. 

The government has revoked the Quarantine restriction, but the vaccinated travellers still need to present a negative Covid-19 test result taken within 96 hours before boarding their flight for Lebanon. Travellers will again undergo PCR testing upon arrival at the airport.


As of 22-February-2021, Lithuania has permitted all fully vaccinated travellers to enter the country. The government has simultaneously rescinded the 10-day quarantine and the 48 - hour PCR testing requirements from the visitors.

Note that this vaccination exception rule policy applies only to the travellers belonging from the EU or the other seven third party nations, as suggested by the EU. 


Moldova has also taken the Covid-19 vaccination into account. The travellers who can present their vaccination proof can bypass a 14-day quarantine and get busy in their stuff as soon as they enter Moldova.

Non-vaccinated travellers from most nations also enter the country, but they need to isolate themselves for 14 days as a quarantine.

Every two weeks, Moldova publishes a list of countries which it calls Red Countries whose nationals are not allowed to enter the country.

However, a national from Red Country can still visit Moldova if he meets the vaccination requirement.


Starting from 15-March-2021, Montenegro has exempted all fully vaccinated travellers from the PCR Testing or Quarantine requirement.

The travellers must present proof of vaccination certificate. The traveller must have taken the second or last dose of vaccination at least seven days before arrival. The travellers who will provide vaccination certificates do not need to submit the pre 48 hour PCR Testing results.


Nepal has initiated to make distinctions for the vaccinated travellers. The fully vaccinated travellers can now skip the mandatory seven days quarantine requirement by presenting their vaccination proof. 

A proof of 72-hour PCR Testing requirements is still valid for vaccinated travellers.


Panama’s Minister of Health has announced that they will allow the vaccinated tourists to bypass the Testing or Quranatine requirements for entering Panama. 

He stated that if the travellers can present their covid-19 vaccination proof, they will be allowed entry by the government without any further requirement of negative PCR test results or antigen test.


Poland has announced that it will exempt all fully vaccinated nationals from the allowed countries from the 10-day quarantine requirement. The vaccinated travellers must present an international certificate of vaccine as proof. 

The allowed countries are Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.


Romania has made the entry into the country for all the covid-19 vaccinated tourists from the EU, restriction-free.

Previously, the travellers needed to undergo a 14-day quarantine requirement, but now the vaccinated travellers can skip it.

The travellers must stay in their home country for a minimum of 10 days after their second dose of the covid-19 vaccine before travel.


Seychelles has allowed the travellers from all the countries who got their vaccination against covid-19 to enter the country under regular visa requirements.

The vaccinated travellers must stay in their home country for a minimum of 14 days before travel. The government also requires a Vaccination certificate and negative PCR Testing results from the travellers.

However, the visitors now do not need to quarantine themselves for ten days.


As of 13-February-2021, Slovenia has allowed the EU nationals to enter the country by presenting a vaccination certificate without any testing or quarantine requirement.

The ease in the travel restrictions is only specific for travellers from the EU. Slovenia has not included the third-party countries in these changes.


The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has announced that the government will allow vaccinated tourists to enter the country and observe a shorter quarantine. There are also chances that the government may waive this quarantine requirement entirely.

Currently, the government has announced no confirmed starting date to execute the above announcement.

Coming Soon


Greece is planning to open the borders for the travellers vaccinated against covid-19 from all the countries from May 14, 2021.


Denmark is also aiming to relax the travelling restrictions for travellers who got their covid-19 vaccination.


We expect a piece of news soon from Israel to open its borders for the tourists. 


Many countries have loosened their Covid-19 travelling restrictions for the vaccinated travellers and waived the Testing or Quarantine requirements, but the choice to travel in those countries is utterly Yours. You should contact consulates/embassies or local authorities to check your eligibility for the destination country. You may also confirm any changes for you in the travel requirements. 


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travelling to Italy Livigno January 2022. If I have a vaccination certificate, is it open for me as a SOUTH AFRICAN citizen?

Obi Chibueze Paul

Please I have taken my vacation here In Portugal but I can’t get my certificate and I have my visa in Kuwait and contract also can I travel with the PCR test? I can also send the contract and visa if you want to see it

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