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  • Montenegro Waives PCR Test and Quarantine Requirements for International Arrivals

Montenegro Waives PCR Test and Quarantine Requirements for International Arrivals

Montenegro Waives PCR Test and Quarantine Requirements for International Arrivals Jan 16, 2021

A variety of measures were proposed last year in response to the dynamic threat of Covid-19. As the new year begins, some places extended lockdown in an attempt to control the spreading virus. While several countries decided to amplify travel restrictions, Montenegro has a different action mind. On January 12, 2021, the land of black mountains gets rid of Covid19-related requirements. It includes PCR testing and quarantine for arriving tourists.

Unlike most nations that comply up to this date, Montenegro tracks a different route. It does not require arriving passengers to present a medical certificate or file a health declaration form. Anyone who wishes to travel to Montenegro just needs to follow the standard travel regulation. Quarantine isolation and further testing got omitted as a primary requirement for international travelers. The nation also removed the list of high-risk countries that indicates temporary hold on passengers under such classification. It means that all foreign travelers may now cross its border in compliance with the standard Montenegro visa application.

At the peak of the pandemic, foreign travelers must present a negative PCR test result. Foreigners need to conduct testing one to three days before they arrive at the airport. A quarantine period of fourteen days is mandatory for those who failed to get a test. Those two requirements were just part of the series of temporary measures established by the government.

Aside from Montenegro, Albania and North Macedonia are the countries that do not have any travel restrictions due to Covid-19. With the reopening of land borders in Balkan, it gets easier to travel in neighboring countries. International and domestic rail services also resumed their operations. Few other countries lifted travel bans and exempt travelers from PCR testing, but filling out a health declaration form is mandatory.

The government of Montenegro gives equal qualifications to all travelers after the improbable announcement. Exemption of PCR test and quarantine for arriving travelers will stand until further notice.

Precautionary Measures in Montenegro

All residents are mandatory to wear a mask whenever they go to public places. Everyone must observe social distancing at least two meters apart. The government implemented curfew hours from 10 PM to 5 AM. The objective is to avoid accumulating crowds in public places, both outdoor and indoor.

It is forbidden to organize social gatherings, such as parties and wedding ceremonies. Nightclubs will remain close. Other entertainment facilities started to resume, such as cinemas and theaters. Cafes and restaurants are open until 10 PM. Hotels welcome non-essential guests with safety measures.

Enhanced sanitation and health guidelines aim to protect Montenegro citizens and tourists from the transmission of the virus. Amendment of curfew hours is a strategic plan to keep people from leaving their homes unless essential.

Status of Tourism in Montenegro

The government of Montenegro regrets closing its borders during the pandemic scare. The country was at its peak of visitors before the virus was declared globally. The result of the lockdowns was not good news to any country. Montenegro has its share of contrition. The economic analysis revealed a ninety percent drop in tourism revenue. With the removal of Covid-19 related requirements, the government aims to revive its tourism sector from a devastating year.

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