Turkey Istanbul 2020

Turkey Istanbul 2020 Sep 08, 2020

Turkey Istanbul Visa on Arrival:

Turkey visa on arrival facility is only offered to citizens of selected nationalities. Currently, only travelers from Belgium, Croatia, the Netherlands, Malta, the USA, Spain, North Korea, and Portugal can obtain a visa on arrival under particular conditions.

From 28 Oct 2018 Turkish government stopped offering visa on arrival at all the kiosks at the Istanbul airport. After introducing an online visa system, a majority of nationalities and all foreign travelers or non-Turkish passport holders must apply for a Turkey visa online. Citizens of more than 104 countries, including those mentioned above, can apply for Turkey visa through the new eVisa system.

The eVisa is a much convenient and favorable option for foreign travelers because not only that visa on arrival is unavailable to a majority of nationalities, but obtaining it is a troublesome process. Travelers have to wait at the airport to get the visa. Also, the facility isn't offered at all the kiosks of the airports in Turkey.

On the other hand, Turkey eVisa is a much efficient system for receiving travel authorization from your office or home's comfort. Applicants only need an internet connection and apply through their computer, smartphone, or tablet. Within merely hours, they can expect to receive their eVisa and travel to Turkey.

Turkey Istanbul Tourist Transit Visa:

If you want to leave the airport and spend some time in Turkey, it is necessary to obtain a transit visa. This visa is only needed if a traveler wishes to stay in Turkey instead of boarding the connecting flight from the airport.

If the connecting flight is delayed and the traveler wishes to remain at the airport while waiting to board the plane, even then there will be no need to obtain a tourist transit visa. The need to apply for a tourist transit visa arises when a traveler plans to stay in Turkey overnight or for a few days.

A Transit visa facility is offered to citizens of over 104 countries. Most of the nationalities qualify to apply for the transit visa via the e-visa system. To apply, a traveler will need to have a valid passport, an email address, and a debit/credit card to pay the visa fees.

Before applying for a Turkey tourist transit visa, it is essential to consider whether you will remain at the airport or leave the airport premises to explore Turkey. The transit visa application is an easy and quick process; eligible applicants will have to submit an online application form to fill in their personal and passport details and pay the visa fee. A valid email address is necessary to provide all the information about the eVisa and send the visa after its approval.

Transit visa applications are generally processed within 24 hours or less. It is suggested that you apply at least 24 hours before your scheduled date of traveling to Turkey. Depending on your nationality, you may apply for a single-entry or multiple-entry tourist transit visa.


Is it safe to travel to Istanbul?
Yes, it is mostly safe in in all major cities like turkey the largest city and the capital of the Istanbul Ankara  as it is said by FCO.

Is it expensive to travel to Istanbul?
It is not much expensive for a vacation or traveling in Istanbul.  Traveling to other European countries is much expensive then Istanbul with all comfort and luxuries.   

Is Istanbul open to tourists?
Yes, Istanbul is open for tourists as they opened there borders for the travellers to visit and see the beauty of the Istanbul.

Can I wear shorts in Istanbul?
Yeah, everyone can wear shorts or summer clothes tank tops, T-shirt etc. for the comfort but while going to mosque you should wear long sleeves with skirt for women and trousers for men or you can ask for a Turks.

How many days do I need in Istanbul?
As there is obvious enormous attraction to watch the historic city Istanbul you need 3-4 days to stay. To have the best experience of locals, historical places.

Do I need a visa for Turkey?
If you are going to Turkey on a short-term business or tourism trip, you will need to apply for a visa online. Even minors/underage children cannot travel to Turkey without their own visa. If you don't possess a valid visa, the Turkish immigration authorities will not allow you to leave the entry port.

Which countries can enter Turkey without visa?
There are 72 countries that allow Turkish citizens to enter without getting a visa, for more details click on Turkey visa

Is Istanbul airport the biggest in the world?
In Istanbul there was the biggest airport in the world till 2019.  But now the world biggest airport is in China so now second biggest airport is in Istanbul.

Which is the main airport in Istanbul?
There are 2 airports in Istanbul. And the main airport serving in Istanbul is Istanbul Grand Airport with all facilities.

Which is better Pegasus or Turkish Airlines?
If you want to have a good experience must go with Turkish airlines as is always best hands down, because they allow more luggage, best business class and economy.

Why is Istanbul Ataturk Airport closed?
Ataturk Airport in Istanbul is closed for the domestic and international flights because of increasing traffic they can’t handle it so that’s why they switched to the Istanbul airport.

Which airport do Turkish Airlines use in Istanbul?
Turkish airlines uses the new Istanbul Airport. 

What is the world's biggest airport?
Daxing International Airport is the World new Biggest Airport in which is located in the Beijing.

Is there Uber in Istanbul?
No they don’t have Uber taxi  in Istanbul where as you can find yellow taxi that have a taxi sign on the roof and a meter built in  and is less expensive for  going and travelling  anywhere they are very suitable .

Are taxis in Istanbul expensive?
Not at all are they very cheap many tourists take taxi to visit the places as they are comfortable, easily available transportation.

Why is uber banned in Turkey?
Turkish president ban the uber because taxi of their country is facing a lot of completion that’s why they are banned from the country.

How much is a taxi from Istanbul airport?
The approximate cost of a taxi from Istanbul airport is 200 TL (30EUR/26GBP/34USD). The taxi you can find just outside the terminal or there is pre booked taxi also.

What money should I take to Turkey?
The best to use  the currency of turkey that is lira .There are DOVIS Cash exchange or post offices to change.

Can you take uber from Istanbul airport?
No, you cannot take it because it is banned by the government of Istanbul.

How do you get around in Istanbul?
There is wide variety of public transport in Istanbul like ferries, sea buses, taxi, tramps, buses metro bus, underground metro line and many other options to travel there.

Do they speak English in Istanbul?
They speak in English and in their native language that is Turkish.

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