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UK visa extension due to COVID-19

UK visa extension due to COVID-19 Jul 08, 2020

The end of 2019 and the start of 2020 saw the outbreak of the deadly novel coronavirus that has claimed about 11,996,903 laboratory-confirmed cases approximately and the number is rising with each passing day. The coronavirus that has similar symptoms, as that of flu has become a pandemic in a very short period causing panic globally. The fact that scientists are not yet able to make its antidote has made people more worried about it. However, there is no need to panic, as there are cases of about 6,944,444 people recovering from it. 

In the time of this pandemic, all countries have closed borders, the flight has been canceled and the visas that some travelers have got new ones have been suspended.  Many passengers are stranded abroad and unable to return home. And in this situation, they may be worried about what we will do if our visa expires? Many countries have taken measures to legally stay in the country for visitors. If they are unable to leave. Some countries have decided that they can get their visa extended to stay more days. As the United Kingdom (UK) has allowed visa extension, you can now do visa extension for the UK. Yes, it is simple and easy to extend. Please continue reading for more information...

UK visa extension Now Available Until 31 July 2020

There is advice for visa customers and applicants in the UK through The Home Office that foreign nationals who cannot return due to a coronavirus outbreak should be able to extend their visas or apply for a new visa within the UK by 31 July 2020. To extend your visa you will have to fill the online form and contact the home office. For migrants who have previously contacted the Home Office under the previous concession, the Home Office will automatically extend the visa by 31 July 2020.

You have to complete the form online, the form is in English only and you have to fill some basic details. Like: First Name, Last Name, Email Address, DOB, Passport Number,Type of visa you hold, place visa issue. Required more details to fill out after completing the form click on (Submit form).

If your email address is entered correctly, you will receive an email immediately after submitting the form, allowing you to confirm your email address. Once you do, you do not need to contact the Coronavirus Immigration Helpline or mailbox and we will respond to you within 5 business days. 

UK visa extension form sample:

UK visa extension during the COVID-19


Click on the link to start the form: https://gov.smartwebportal.co.uk/homeoffice/public/ho_form.html

If you already have a visa up to 31 May 2020, your visa will automatically be extended until 31 July 2020, there is no need to submit the form.


Confirmation of Visa Extension Letter:

Your leave has been extended under existing conditions until 31 July 2020. You will not be regarded as an overstayer or suffer any detriment in any future applications. However, if you are not intending to remain in the UK long-term, you must make plans to leave the UK as soon as you are safely able to do so.

Please continue to check the faq for visa, as this is where updated advice, including updates on the extension period will be published. The latest information and advice for visa holders and temporary residents can be found here: visa news

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