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  • Uzbekistan Introduces e Visa System for 51 countries and 5 Day transit visa free procedure for 101 countries

Uzbekistan Introduces e Visa System for 51 countries and 5 Day transit visa free procedure for 101 countries

Uzbekistan Introduces e Visa System for 51 countries and 5 Day transit visa free procedure for 101 countries

Uzbekistan, a country which is a part of the Turkic world, is a major travel destination these days. The officials have now introduced a new system of applications through online channels which don’t require any support from the Uzbek foreign ministry. 

On July 4, 2018, the President of Uzbekistan, Shavkat Mirziyoyev, signed a Decree on Additional Measures to Optimize the Process of Entry of Foreign National to Uzbekistan. This E-visa system is introduced in about 51 countries. Uzbekistan authorities are also giving a transit visa-free procedure for 101 countries. A free visa policy is also introduced for applicants under 16.

The Visa System: 

The system has been operative since July 15, 2018, for about 51 countries, including USA and Canada. The issuance time for an electronic visa is about 30 days. This visa has a validity of 90 days from the day of issuance. The applicants are requested to submit their application online for an E-visa at least three days before the time of arrival in Uzbekistan. This visa takes about two working days to be issued and is sent through emails to the applicants. Applicants will receive the electronically issued visa via email. Make sure that the email entered by the applicant is valid and accessible. Uzbek authorities have provided the ease of paying online for the visa. Payment of the visa can be made online using international payment methods. The charge for an electronic visa is 20 US dollars including the registration and the consular fee. 

Gratis (free) visa for Transit Passengers: 

This transit visa is for almost 101 countries, including USA and Canada. Air tickets must be displayed to authorities by travellers from third-world nations. The airline is responsible for informing Uzbekistan's border officials of individuals who qualify for visa-free passage. The passenger who is travelling would need an air ticket to be provided by the third country.

Foreign Nationals (under 16) Permitted Visa-Free System:

They must travel with their legal guardians and present a biometric document or an International travel passport. They are allowed to enter and reside in Uzbekistan for the duration of the accompanying person's entrance visa but not for more than 90 days from the date of arrival. If the applicant who was under 16 before arrival turns 16 after arrival and is still residing in Uzbekistan, an exit visa will be needed by the authorities. This exit visa is issued by the citizenship registration and migration offices.

Issuing Visa for other Country Citizens:

Entrance visas are only required for citizens of other nations to enter Uzbekistan or pass through its territory for transit purposes. These citizens are not part of the E-visa system's list of countries or are subject to the visa-free transit process. The Republic of Uzbekistan's diplomatic and consular missions overseas offer help in visa issuance so that they can acquire visas at their offices. 

The Republic of Uzbekistan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs receives applications from organizations, businesses, and individuals inviting visitors or staying permanently or temporarily in Uzbekistan. The President's Decree also mandated that recommendations for implementing new visa regimes for various categories of foreign visitors to Uzbekistan be prepared by October of this year.

  1. Travellers from the silk road countries must have entry visas from the recognizing countries list. This visa is basically a tourist visa which is issued mostly to neighbouring countries to promote culture. 
  2. A golden visa of 10 years is given to investors from foreign countries who invest massive capital in the country. This visa is launched to promote trade and investment in the country by foreign nationals and companies. 
  3. Vatandosh visa is provided for the natives of Uzbekistan. Vatandosh visa is a two years visa which can only be provided to the natives and the family members of the natives. If you want a Vatandosh visa, you must have an official invitation from a relative who is currently residing in Uzbekistan.

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