Guide for Requirements to Lodge Application Forms, Filling and Process in 2021 for Bangladesh

The stamped authorization permitted by a government on the passport is known as a visa. This certification shows that the holder of the stamp has permission to enter, live within, and leave the territory of that certain government. In any case of visiting a foreign land what a visitor needs right after a passport is the visa of that foreign land. The same case is required to enter the territories of Bangladesh. Bangladesh is the largest delta country in the world. The country is famous for its greenery and an amazing variety of people. This hospitable country attracts visitors for owning the longest sea beach and the largest mangrove forest in the world. To visit this land of mother nature one must obtain a visa from the embassy of Bangladesh or apply for an online visa or e-Visa. To apply for a visa the first thing you would need to decide is why you want to travel to Bangladesh. According to your purpose of travel, the type of your visa will vary. Every visa class has different demands on the capabilities of the holder and restrictions on who they are permitted to

The visa classifications are:

  • Tourist Visa
  • Business Visa
  • Student Visa
  • Employment Visa
  • Diplomatic or official Visa
  • Investor Visa
  • Journalist Visa
  • Non-governmental Organization (NGO) Visa

Tourist Visa: If the purpose of the travel is to visit the lands of Bangladesh then this class of visa is issued. Tourism or sightseeing visa can be single, double, or multiple entries.

Business Visa: In case you would like to visit Bangladesh with a view of making business or trade then the visa you require is the business visa.

Student Visa: To study on Bangladeshi soil a person needs to obtain a student visa from Bangladesh. The validity of this visa will last 60 days after completion of the student degree from the Bangladeshi institution.

Employment Visa: Employment visas or work visas are issued to people who want to enter the lands of Bangladesh for business or work for a fixed amount of duration. The holder of this visa is not considered permanent or indefinite.

Diplomatic or official visa: Visas issued to foreign government officials and diplomats to enter the territory of Bangladesh for official duties or activities on behalf of their national government are called Diplomatic or official visas.

Investor Visa: The people who want to enter Bangladesh with a view of engaging in new commercial enterprises and benefit the economy by creating jobs and job opportunities also by capital investments need this class of visa.

Journalist Visa: Foreign media representatives and journalists who want to enter Bangladesh with the purpose of working solely in their profession require this visa.

NGO Visa: Non-immigrant individuals registered in Non-Governmental Organizations in Bangladesh require an NGO visa.

Visa duration and entry: Almost all Bangladeshi visas have a validity of 60 days. They come in single, double, and multiple entry systems. The duration of stay for each entry can be extended to a maximum of 90 days. In any scenario of visa invalidity during staying on Bangladeshi land, you will have to renew the visa in a span of a certain duration.

Once you select the type of visa required for your stay in Bangladesh the next thing you would need to decide is the way of applying for the visa. You can either apply personally from the embassy of Bangladesh on your country land or you can apply online for an e-visa. At the moment Bangladesh serves the opportunity of applying online for an e-visa. If you choose the e-visa, you would need to enter the website of the government of Bangladesh and fill up a form that is provided on the website. There are some requirements you would need to fulfill when applying for an e-visa. The complete guidance is described below.

Please provide your personal information as needed in the visa keeping similarity with your passport. This is the beginning of your visa application. Make sure to not make any mistakes or provide incorrect or invalid information. Such actions will result in the invalidity of the visa application. Please provide valid information on the asterisk fields and press ‘Save and next’ after each page.

Personal Information

Current Location

Please input the location you are currently available:


Please insert a copy of your recent color photo taken no more than six months ago. The photo must be clear and well lighted. Click the preview button to upload your photo from your device.

First Name (as in the Passport)

Please write your first name (given name) just as in your passport

Last/Surname (as in the Passport)

Please write your Surname (family name) just as in your passport

First Name on Visa

Please enter your First name again

Last/Surname on Visa

Please enter your Surname again

Permanent Address

Please enter the address of your permanent residence

Contact No. at permanent address

Please enter the contact (phone number) info of your permanent address

Address in Bangladesh

Please enter the address of the place you would be staying at in Bangladesh

Contact No. in Bangladesh

Please enter the contact info where you would be reachable in Bangladesh

Date of Birth

Please enter the date of your birth (as provided in your passport)


Please select your gender

Place of Birth

Please enter the place/city of your birth

Birth Country

Please select the name of the country you were born

Present Nationality

Please select your current nationality (present citizenship)

Nationality at Birth

Please select the nationality you have by birth (your citizenship by birth)


Please enter your current occupation

Marital Status

Please provide your marital status by selecting from the box















Please select the name of the organization you are a part of




























Types of Visa Enrollment

Please select the type of Visa you would need to travel to Bangladesh. For a new visa select ‘New visa application’.

Type of Visa Enrollment






Travel Document

Please provide your travel document information. In the process, be careful to not provide any wrong or invalid information and try to minimize mistakes and typos.

Passport No.

Please provide the type of your passport

Passport Type

Please provide the type of your passport






Passport Type (Other)

If the type of your passport was not in the box then please write your passport type in the box below

Place of Issue

Please provide the name of the place/government that issued your passport

Date of Issue

Please provide the date of issue of your passport

Date of Expiry

Please provide the certain date of your passport invalidation

Have you visited to Bangladesh previously? Yes No Yes, but don't have the information to hand

Please select the best answer that matches your history with Bangladesh

Date of last visit to Bangladesh

If yes, please provide the date of entry to Bangladesh from your last visit.

Last Visa No.

Please provide the visa number of your last visit

Last Visa Issue Date

Please enter the exact date your last visa was issued

Last Visa Date of Expiry

Please enter the date your last visa expired

Place of Issue

Please enter the place from where you issued your last visa

Type of Visa

Please enter the type of visa you required when you last visited Bangladesh




































In case you do not have all the required information present with you, you can save the ongoing application process by clicking the ‘Click here’ button. This way you will be provided an ID number and a password to re-enter the application and proceed. The application will save all the information you provided. You can proceed the next time from where you left off without losing any data.

 Don't have all information to hand? Click here to save your application.

If you want to edit any data you entered on the previous page click ‘Previous’ and if you would like to save all the information and keep going forward, press ‘Save and Next’.



Please provide all the necessary information about how you will be paying the application fee. As the matter is sophisticated you are requested to remain aware of providing all the correct and authentic information. Any complexity that will result due to your carelessness will only delay your visa approval. Your payment will not be received by the website rather will be directly sent to the government of the embassy.

Payment Information

Name of the Bank

Please provide the name of the bank you will be paying from

Name of the Branch of Bank

Please enter the branch of the bank you will be paying from

Payment Mode

Please select the payment mode of the middleman of your payment





Cheque/Bank Transfer/Chalan/Scroll No.

Please enter your check or Bank transfer or Chalan or Scroll number of your payment

Payment Currency

Please select the currency you will be paying with

Amount Deposited

Please enter the amount of fee you will pay for the e-visa

Payment Date

Please select the date of your payment



New Visa Information

Please provide all the information required for your new visa to Bangladesh

Purpose of Visit

Please select the purpose of your visit to Bangladesh. This part of the information would select the type of visa you will require to travel to Bangladesh.











Specify Other Purpose

Please elaborate on the additional purpose of your visit to Bangladesh

Duration of Proposed stay in Bangladesh

Please provide the estimated duration of your stay in Bangladesh for your purpose

Tentative Date of Arrival in Bangladesh

Please provide the estimated date of your visit to Bangladesh

Intended Number of Entries

Please select the number of entries you would need for fulfilling your purpose in Bangladesh





Bangladesh Visa Office  Information

Bangladesh Visa office required you to select the ‘FM’ circle and select the visa office you will receive your visa from. The visa will be sent to the office you have provided so that you can receive the visa.

Group / Order By:         FM         ICP         Visa Cell

Select from which Bangladesh Visa Office you want to take Visa


Bangladesh Visa Office  Information

Please select the ‘Photo’ box only and proceed by clicking ‘Save and Next’

Recommendation from concern Ministry Authority

Trade license of the sponsoring Company


Security clearance/Security Certificate

Payment Slip


Father's/Husband's/Mother's Visa copy

Over stay Payment Slip

Income Tax Certificate of the Company

Passport Copy, Last Visa and Last Arrival Page

Marriage Certificate


Father's/Husband's/Mother's Passport copy

Birth Certificate

TIN Certificate of the Company

N. O. C from Sri Lankan High Commission

Work Permit


Bi-Lateral Agreement/Multilateral Agreement


Other Document



By clicking on the box you will be agreeing to testify that all the provided information is valid and authentic and you would not claim your application fee even if you face declination of your visa.

I hereby declare that statement given above is true and will not request to refund my paid visa fee even if application is declined.




Thank you, your Visa application has been submitted successfully. Now carefully read the following Instructions.

  • OA0000002427949 - Is your unique Visa Application Id. Please keep it safe for your reference. You will need this if you want to Log-in again to this web site and access your online Visa application.
  • A confirmation E-mail has been sent to . Please note that if you do not receive this E-mail message it may be because it was incorrectly identified as junk mail(this can be if you have a junk-mail filter running on your PCV or one is operated by your ISP or Systems Administrator). For this reason we recomment that you take a note of the details shown here
  • Download and print your completed online Visa application. Click the link below.