Guide for Requirements to Egypt Application Forms, Filling and Process in 2021


Egypt welcome total 25 countries visa free or visa on arrival and about 13 million tourist visit every year.

Embassy of Egypt

Apply Visa for Egypt

Foreign nationals should have a visa upon entry in compliance with the Arab Republic of Egypt. If you are planning to visit for tourism purposes, now is the high time to apply. Egypt has different types of visas available depending on the traveler's preferred method.

Tourist Visa is the most common among all categories. It allows foreign nationals to travel in Egypt with a pre-authorized travel requirement. This type of Visa does not allow foreigners to work or permanently reside in the country. They have to go directly to their respective embassy to acquire business and working permits. Travelers who have to transit in Egypt and need to stay for more than 48 hours at the airport must get a Transit Visa. You may also opt to get a Visa upon arrival at the airport. Visa On Arrival may take long queues, and the only form of payment accepted is cash. Take note that presenting valid documents and paying your Visa fee will not guarantee Visa approval.

Egypt e-Visa is a travel document you can obtain electronically. The entire process is easy, time-saving, and one-hundred percent online. Anyone who has laptops or mobile devices can apply, so long as they have access to the internet. Visiting an embassy takes a lot of effort as it needs physical attendance of the applicants. With the new e-Visa process, you can apply at home or work trouble-free. It comes in handy for those who are too busy to go directly to their respective embassy. In the meantime, e-Visa is only for tourism purposes. Travelers must apply seven days before the date of arrival in Egypt. This application has a quick turnaround time compared to face-to-face Visa filing.

There are some countries exempted from the e-Visa application. It includes travelers from the US, UK, and EU. Maximum stay is within fifteen days and applicable for specific destinations only. Upon arrival at the airport, eligible travelers will get a free entry stamp.

Applicants from eligible countries may choose either a single-entry or multiple-entry visa. Egypt e-Visa has a 90-day validity starting from the date of issuance. Foreign nationals can stay in the country within 30 days upon arrival at the airport. Overstaying may have corresponding consequences such as paying fines, being deported, or banned from future travel to Egypt. It is best to keep track of your travel dates to avoid such consequences.

In the case of traveling with a minor, a separate application is not necessary. Parents or guardians can add the children's details on their e-Visa application.

Mandatory Requirements To Obtain Egypt E-Visa

Applicants must have these requirements to proceed with the application:

  • Travelers must have a passport with six months validity from the date of travel. It also needs at least one empty visa page.
  • Proof of itineraries, such as return ticket and hotel accommodation

Unlike the common e-Visa application from several countries, Egypt does not require a digital photo of the applicant. It made the application quick and less-hassle for all eligible travelers.

Step-By-Step Procedure Of Egypt E-Visa Application

Applicants need to fill out all required fields. Ensure that all personal information and passport details are accurate and up-to-date. Double-check the spelling of names and the dates you selected. Refer to the requirements mentioned above and make sure you have them on-hand. You need to scan the front and back pages of your passport for better image quality. Follow the photo size and format indicated in the instructions. The notes in each section will guide you throughout the application. Take time to review all details before clicking Submit. Be mindful of inaccurate information or typographical errors as it may delay the completion process. It will be invalid if an issued e-Visa has incorrect details.

Sign Up Section

Note: Applicants have to create an account to proceed with the application. Enter your name, use a valid email address, and set up a unique password. Tick the box at the lower part for security verification.

Traveling Information

Note: Fields marked with * in the form are mandatory. It will ask the application type, which refers to how many people are traveling. If you are traveling alone, choose Single. Otherwise, choose Group. Select the category of Visa you need. You also have to choose either Single-entry or Multiple-entry Visa. Indicate your country of origin and the dates of your travel.

Traveling Information

Application type*




Visa type*


Entry type*



Traveling from*

Expected arrival date*

Expected departure date*

Applicant Details

Note: This section requires your personal information and passport details. Fields marked with * in the form are mandatory. Providing all information in these fields will help in the decision process. Ensure that all information is correct, up-to-date, and matched to the details in your passport. Take time to double-check each field after typing. You have to upload supporting documents in the last part.

The file format allowed is JPG and PNG. File size shall not exceed 500 KB. The name of the must not have any special characters or spaces.

Given/First name(s) - If you have a middle/second name, type all the names immediately after your first name with a space in between each one*


Full Arabic name




Date of birth*

Country of birth*

Current nationality*

Original nationality*

Do you have other nationalities?*

Yes  No

All nationalities

Other nationalities


Marital status*






Passport type*


Passport number*

Place of issue*

Issue date*

Expiry date*

Have you visited Egypt before?*

Yes   No

If Yes

Date from (last visit)*

Date to (last visit)*

Where did you stay during this period?*

Have you been deported from Egypt or any other country before?*

Yes   No

If Yes




Contact Details


Phone number*


Supporting Documents

Type of supporting document*


Only files of type JPG and PNG are allowed. File size shall not exceed 500 KB and file name shall not contain any special characters or spaces.

Supporting documents

Document name

No documents found.


Given/first name(s)


Date of birth

Current nationality

Passport number

No applicants found.

Warning Prompt

Note: A warning message will prompt once you click Next. It will ask you to save the applicant data before you proceed to the next section.

Do you want to save applicant data before moving to Host Information tab?

In case YES applicant details form will be validated and saved, and system will move to Host Information tab.

In case NO system will move to Host Information tab without saving the applicant details form.

Host Information

Note: Host information is where you will stay during your trip. If you're staying in a hotel, just put the hotel information and their contact details.

Host type*


Tourism Company



Host name*

Host phone number*

Host fax number

Host email*

Host address*

Who is paying travel and accommodation cost?

Select the person who will cover your costs during your stay

By the applicant himself/herself

By a sponsor (host, company, organization)

Information: Please note that the information you provide must match the information on your passport, otherwise, your application and your e-Visa will be invalid. The visa processing fee is non-refundable (25.00 $ for single entry/Applicant or 60.00 $ for multiple entry/Applicant).

Warning: Incomplete and unpaid applications will be removed seven days after the application creation date.


Payment Notice Section

Note: Another prompt will pop after you save the Host Information. It will show how much is the fee for an e-Visa. The system will automatically remove your application if the payment is on-hold a week after account creation.

Summary Of Egypt E-Visa Application

Note: An application number will generate once you complete the form. After payment, you will receive a notification in your registered email.

Expect another email for the status of your e-Visa application. Once approved, you can print the copy and present it to the border authorities upon entry into Egypt.