Guide for Requirements to Lodge Visa Application Forms, Filling and Process in 2023 Gabon

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Gabon welcome total 27 countries visa free or visa on arrival and about million tourist visit every year.

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Apply Visa for Gabon

Gabon ensures a fully online process to lodge an application for its e-Visa Service in four easy steps. You can get an ETA- Electronic Travel Authorization if you plan to travel to Gabon by air through Leon MBA International Airport in Libreville. The application form requires you to provide your personal, passport, and visa details.

Welcome to ETA Electronic Travel Authorisation of Gabon:

Gabon has established an electronic visa, also called e-visa to facilitate entry into its territory.

Those wishing to settle in Gabon are requested to consult the website for terms and conditions.

Currently Gabon e-Visas are valid only for those wanting to visit Gabon by air via Leon Mba International Airport in Libreville.

The process for obtaining the Gabon e Visa is:

The visa application form should be completed on-line and include a copy of the passport data page, the date of validity of at least six months and a color photograph from less than 6 months of size 35 * 45 mm and has neither overexposure or underexposure. It must be properly mixed without shadow on the face or in the background.

The visa application form must be correctly fulfilled. All information on the form must match passport data.

The applicant for e-Visa should not travel before the arrival date specified in the registration or take the risk of traveling without having received the Travel Authorization Receipt. Applicants who do not respect these instructions will be drived back in accordance with Law N°5/86 of 18 June 1986, laying down the admission regime and stay of foreigners in the Gabonese republic.

Gabon e-visas are granted for these durations:

  • From one (1) to three (3) months single entry, the cost is 70 EUR or 45000 XAF + 15 EUR as file processing fee.
  • For six (6) months with multiple entries which cost 185 EUR or 120000 XAF + 15 EUR as processing fee.

The application processing time is 72 hours, after ETA reception. ETA request cannot be processed in a shorter period.

Some countries are exempt from visas under bilateral agreements with Gabon, kindly check the exempted countries list in advance before submitting an e-visa request.

This e-visa, as for other visas issued by the Gabonese Republic may be extended by going to the visa department of the Directorate General of Documentation and Immigration (DGDI) in Libreville, under the following conditions:

  • A visa of one (1) months may be extended for two (2) months;
  • A visa of two (2) months may be extended for one (1) months;
  • A visa of three (3) months is not extended;
  • A visa of six (6) months is not extended;

Apply Online Gabon Visa Application Form:

Checklist For Avoiding Mistake In Lodging Application

Sometimes, getting the e-Visa becomes an unachievable thing due to even minor mistakes made by the applicants. If you want a trouble-free and swift approval of e-Visa, you must remember the following points while filling in the form. 

  1. You should provide correct information for every field, for this match your data with the official documents. 
  2. Assure that you provide the information in the correct formats. Keep care of the 'format' while feeding the dates, contact numbers, and files. Recheck the size of photographs, and file that you need to upload.
  3. You may crosscheck that you uploaded all the required documents. If you miss even a single a file, it will either result in visa rejection or add to the visa processing time.
  4. Though for Gabon, the visa processing time is just 72 hours, however; for the safe side, make sure that you apply for the e-visa even before this time. Keep the margin for any uncertainty.

The above points may seem obvious, but any negligence can create hurdles in your visa approval process.

Step 1 of 4: Select e-Visa Type

All fields marked * are mandatory fields

e-Visa type*

e-Visa duration*

The first step of applying for an e-Visa is to select the e-Visa type and length of stay. You may choose according to your plan.

  • For e-Visa there are two choices given by the Gabon officials; ‘single’, or ‘multiple’ entry options. You may select ‘Single’ if you want to use the e-Visa to enter the territory only once, or ‘Multiple’ if your purpose of visit requires you to enter Gabon multiple times.
  • As for e-Visa duration, select the period that you will stay at Gabon from available options. 
  • If you want to extend your stay in Gabon, you can request a visa extension. The extension in validity depends upon the duration and type of your visa.

If your visa is valid for one-month, a Visa extension of two months is possible, and for two-month visas, one-month extension is available. However, if you are holding the three months or six months validity visa, you cannot apply for a visa extension.


Step: 02 Of 4 Filling Out Application Form

In the second step, you have to provide the information for the filling application form.

Points To Remember:

  1. Write every detail after checking from the passport.
  2. Fill all entries in a row.
  3. After filling out the form, recheck the information provided.


Personal Details

First Name and Last Name: Enter your first and last name the same as in your passport.

Date of birth: Type your date of birth in the format DD/MM/YYYY following your passport.

Nationality: In this drop-down, you have to select the country of your nationality. 

Gender: Select your gender as ‘male’ or ‘female’. 

Place of birth: Write the name of the place where you were born, irrespective of where you live currently. Write the name of the place where you were born, regardless of where you live currently. A person born in Malaysia and currently residing in the USA will select Malaysia as the place of birth'.

Profession: Mention your regular occupation the same as mentioned in your passport.

Email: You will receive the soft copy of e-Visa upon approval from the authorities on the email address you provide in this tab.

Confirm email: Re-enter the email address, to avoid any misinformation.  

Passport Details

Passport number: Provide your passport number.

Passport type: Choose your passport type from 'ordinary', 'diplomatic', 'service', or, 'special'. 

The colour of your passport indicates your passport type; however, the colour scheme may vary from country to country. For example, a blue US passport is an ordinary type passport issued to US citizens for travelling abroad. Usually, citizens or tourists have ‘ordinary’ passports.

Passport country: Mention the country where your passport was issued.

Passport date of issue & expiry: Enter the date your passport was issued and the date it will expire in the same format as above. Authorities may use these provided dates for calculating the validity of your passport. Your passport should have a validity of at least six months.

Gabon Visa Details

Date of arrival: Enter the date you will enter in Gabon. Entering the territory before this date is risky, and in a few cases, it can result in deportation.

Purpose of visit:  This field requires you to specify the reason for your visit to Gabon. It can be tourism, business, family visit, medical reason, etc. You may select the type that matches best with your purpose. 

Contact Details In Gabon

You can provide details of your contact person in Gabon in this section. The person may be your friend, family, relatives, or services provider (third party).

Full name: Type the first and last name of the person whom you have contact in Gabon.

Acting on: Mention the hotel or company name that will provide you stay. If you have not made any bookings, and you are responsible for your sustenance in Gabon, then you may type “Moi-même” meaning myself.

Full address: Type the residential address of your contact person at Gabon.

Phone number: Provide the contact number that you intend to use during the stay at Gabon.

Recheck every information you filled in this application form and confirm its validity and accuracy by ticking the checkbox.

All fields marked * are mandatory fields, All fields must be filled in accordance with the passport information

Application data

Application date

e-Visa type

Applicant data

First name

Must be filled in accordance with the passport

Last name

Must be filled in accordance with the passport

Date of birth

Must be filled in accordance with the passport


Choose the country of nationality in the list


Choose from list

Place of birth

Must be filled in accordance with the passport


Must be filled in accordance with the passport


Email address where the e-Visa will be sent

Confirm email

Confirm email address

Passport data

Passport number

Must be filled in accordance with the passport

Passport type

Choose your passport type

Passport country

Choose the passport country in the list

Passport date of issue

Enter the passport issuing date

Passport date of expiry

Enter the passport expiration date

e-Visa data

Trip duration

Date of arrival

 Enter the arrival date

Purpose of visit

Choose from list

Contact in Gabon

Full name

Enter the contact first and last name of contact in Gabon

Acting on

Enter the company name or the hotel name or « Moi-même » if you act for your own

Full address

enter the full address of your against contact in Gabon

Phone number

Enter your contact phone number in Gabon

I confirm that all information provided in this form is accurate and valid

Step 3 of 4: Add Documents

Supported formats are : PDF, JPEG, GIF, BMP et PNG

In case of PDF, you must upload 1 only page PDF document.

Maximum file size is 1 Mo



In the third step, you have to upload your travel documents.

Documents Required for Gabon Visa (eVisa) :

You need to upload the following documents for the application to proceed.

  1. Copy of the passport data page
  • Passport should have a validity of six months.
  1. A colour photograph captured in less than six months.
  • It should have size 35*45mm.
  • Your picture should not have effects of overexposure or underexposure.
  • There should not be any shadow on the frontal face or background. 

How to Avoid Errors While Uploading Documents?

You might face trouble in uploading the documents on the portal. Here are some points you should keep in notice while uploading:

  • Your photograph and passport-page picture must be in either of the formats: PDF, JPEG, GIF, BMP, or PNG. 
  • Make sure that, if your file is in PDF format, it has only one page. Otherwise, it will require you to resubmit the pdf if it has more than one page.
  • The file size should not exceed 1MB (MegaBytes) if it is greater than 1MB, you may use tools to compress file size. 
  • File size should not be too small. If it is small, take the picture in high quality by changing the camera settings to increase the size.

Step: 04 Out Of 04 - Submission

Please check the data of the declaration before submitting the application


Following documents must be provided for the e-Visa issuance

  • Invitation Letter
  • Travel Authorization to Gabon

Please check the declarative data before submitting the application

In the fourth and last step, you have to submit your application form.

This step takes you to a confirmation page where you can review your filled application form. Submit the application form after rechecking.

After submission, you will be issued a unique application ID, as proof of your application. Note down this ID, or snap a picture of it for further reference.

After the application is approved, you will need to provide an Invitation Letter and Travel Authorization to Gabon for visa issuance.

Your Application Was Submitted Successfully

Please note your application ID for further reference : 3849285482

Documents for Gabon Visa

Following documents must be provided for the e-Visa issuance

The e-Visa application has to be completed online and must be accompanied by a copy of the passport data page valid over six months before the date of arrival

  • Invitation Letter
  • Travel Authorization to Gabon