Guide for Requirements to Lodge Application Forms, Filling and Process in 2022 Madagascar

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Madagascar welcome total 27 countries visa free or visa on arrival and about 0.4 million tourist visit every year.

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After obtaining a passport, the next thing required by a traveler is a visa. Generally, after applying for a visa to the embassy of the desired country’s government, that government checks thoroughly the information provided and issues a visa by stamping it on the passport. Madagascar is no different. All visitors must obtain a visa before entering the lands of Madagascar. But since 2017, Madagascar provides the opportunity of applying for an online visa or commonly known as an e-Visa. By filling up a form online, it is possible to obtain a visa for Madagascar. Before starting the process the traveler must know about few things for better understanding and less difficulty.

Ways to get a Visa:

  • Madagascar E-Visa: Electronic visa or e-Visa is the way to obtain a visa online. By filling up the visa form from the official website of the government of the desired country, one can apply for the visa of that country. The whole process is lesser than obtaining a visa from the embassy but still depends on the information provided for the visa.
  • Madagascar Visa on arrival: After landing on the territories of the desired country the traveler can get the visa from the immigration center. This opportunity is for some particular countries. The whole process would take no more than 30 minutes.
  • Madagascar Visa from the embassy: The general way of applying for a visa is from the embassy. Visiting the embassy of the desired country on one’s own country land, he or she can apply for a visa of that desired country. The whole process can take 1 month or more than 3 months, depending on the information provided for the visa and passport.

The next thing to know is the types of visas. The duration and service of each visa differ from others depending on the purpose of the traveler. There are different kinds of visas available and one must choose the visa type that best suits his or her purpose of travel to the desired country.

Types of Visa:

  • Madagascar Visitor’s Visa: When the purpose of the travel is solely to visit the lands, tourism, and sightseeing. To visit any permanent resident of the country one needs this visa too.
  • Madagascar Student Visa: This visa serves the purpose of an entry permit for students from overseas. Visiting a foreign land for the sake of study required a student visa. The validity of this visa expires in 30 days from the end of the education of the student on the foreign land.
  • Madagascar Work Visa: When the traveler visits a foreign land for the purpose of working there he or she would require a work visa. It comes in single, double, and multiple entries. The duration of each entry is 30 days which can be extended to 90 days.
  • Madagascar Business Visa: For business purposes and for mutual profit work purposes the traveler would need the business visa. The visa is a long-term condition for them and their dependents.

The e-Visa application form of Madagascar has to be collected from the official website of the government of Madagascar. All the fields are to be filled up with correct and valid information. The information provided for the visa must never vary from the information provided for the passport. The fields with an asterisk mark (*) must be filled up.



Please enter your name (First and Last) as provided for the passport in the field below:


Please enter your email address :


Please enter your phone number with the proper country code:


Please enter a password using which you will be able to log in to the website again:


Please enter the password again:

Password confirmation

Note: First you have to register to apply for your e visa.

Apply for a visa

Once the registration is a success you may proceed to apply for the visa. All the fields are to be filled up with correct and valid information. The information provided for the visa must never vary from the information provided for the passport. The fields with an asterisk mark (*) must be filled up. For the approval of the visa, the passport must have an expiration date of more than six months.

Personal information

( Please enter your name as registered on your passport )

Provide your family name or last name. In absence of a family name enter your first name.

Family name

Please provide your first name on the field below. In absence of a first name Please enter your family name again.

First name*

Please enter your birth date by selecting from the calendar.

Birth date*

Please enter the name of the country of your citizenship by birth (if different from your current citizenship)

Country of birth

Please select your gender

Sex*  Male



Please select the type of passport required for the visit according to the purpose of the visit.

Type of passeport *

Please select the name of the country you obtained your passport from.

Country that issued the passport

Please provide the serial number of your passport.

Passport number: Passport number without nation code. (maximum of 9 characters) Eg: Z12345678.

Please re-enter the passport number for confirmation.

Retype the passport number

Please enter your nationality according to your passport.

Nationality indicated on the passport

Enter the exact date you obtained your passport.

Date of issue of the passport

Enter the exact date of expiration of the passport.

Expiration date of the passport


Please provide your personal phone number with your country code.

Number of phone*

Please provide your email address


By clicking the box you may proceed to the next section.

Declaration and acceptance

I declare on my honor that the above information is accurate,and I acknowledge that a false statement is an offense that may lead to a prohibition of entry to the territory of Madagascar, or expulsion from Madagascar

I read and understood the terms of use and the privacy policy

Information about stays

Please select the duration required for your visit to Madagascar.

Visa applied *

30 days tourism visa

60 days tourism visa

Select an estimated date of your arrival in Madagascar.

Probable date of arrival in Madagascar :

Please select an estimated date of your departure from Madagascar.

Probable date of departure from Madagascar :

Please select a port of Madagascar you will be entering from. (Airway/Waterway/Earthway)

Entry point*

Apply for a visa / validation

Travel Authorization Information

Please check the information you have provided so far before moving forward to the next section. In case of any mistake or wrong information provided, please correct it.

Name :

First name :

Sex :

Birth date :

Country of birth :

Passport number :

Type of passeport :

Country that issued the passport :

Nationality indicated on the passport :

Delivered on


Contact information

Phone :

Information about stays

Visa applied:

Probable date of arrival in Madagascar :

Probable date of departure from Madagascar:

Please re-enter the text of the image

Retype the CAPTCHA code from the image

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Change the CAPTCHA codeSpeak the CAPTCHA code

Registered application

The number of your request :

This number will allow you to follow your request.

The platform is the only official website of the Republic of Madagascar for the management of visa applications online.

Currently there are two possibilities for tourist visa applications in Madagascar: enrollement online via this platform 24 hours out of 24 (click here) and on arrival at the eVisa windows..

For any claims, please contact us with the number of the request..

Payment of visa fees will be made upon arrival in high priority at the eVisa desk.

By following the above processes given, it is possible to fill up the visa application form of Madagascar online.