A Guide on How to Lodge a Visa Application for Papua New Guinea


Papua New Guinea welcome total 39 countries visa free or visa on arrival and about 0.2 million tourist visit every year.

Embassy of Papua New Guinea

Apply Visa for Papua New Guinea

Before lodging a visa, the general question is how to lodge a visa. But even before that one must know the types of visa there is. Not all kind of visa is issued by all countries. Note that Papua new guinea only gives out visas on arrival, visa required in advance, and e-visa. Otherwise only because of diplomatic reasons can an applicant obtain a visa. Visa on arrival or VOA is a visa that can be issued after landing on Papua new guinea’s territory where a visa required in advance must be issued before the start of the trip. And an e-visa has the opportunity to apply for the visa online. With the proper guidelines and knowledge, lodging a visa application for Papua new guinea is nothing but an easy task.

In Papua new guinea, the validity of both, a visa on arrival and an e-visa, lasts for 60 days. Passport should have the validity of at least 6 months and 2 blank pages. Papua New Guinea or PNGgives 71 countries the opportunity of visa on arrival. To obtain an e-visa for Papua new guinea or PNG, first, the applicant will have to understand the type of visa required for his or her trip. There are several categories of visas depending on the nature of the purpose of the trip. There are

  • Visitor Visa
  • Business Visa
  • Employment Visa
  • Student Visa
  • Entertainer Visa
  • Special Exemption Visa

By following some steps, a visa application form can be filled up. To gain the form of an e-visa, the applicant should search for the link of the application on the governmental pages of the server of Papua New Guinea. The visa is valid for only a single entry. The steps an applicant has to follow to gain a visa online are

  • Completing the online application to lodge a visa
  • Paying the Migration Service Fee online.

Below are the steps showing how to complete an online application to lodge a visa

Requirements to lodge application

  • Search for type of visa required and confirm visa requirements

    Applicants should search for the type of visa needed for their trip. Applicants will be are informed if they can apply online and what documents they will require.

  • Register to allow notification and enter application

    Applicants will register by providing an email address and confirming if it is correct. Applicants will then enter all the required application details.

  • Submit the Application

    After completing all the details and uploading the required documents, the application is ready to be submitted. Then the visa fee must then be paid before the application is automatically submitted.

  • Issue confirmation

    Once the visa fee is paid a receipt email will be sent. If the application is automatically granted, an email will be sent containing an authority to travel document. If the application requires further consideration, the applicant will be sent another email with the final decision.

What is your nationality?   Select

The following documents need to be provided before the application can be lodged:

Applicants will have to select their nationality

Please select your nationality from the box.

Letter from PNG based Sponsor

Please insert the proof of the letter that was sponsored by the PNG government.

Complete Corona Virus Supplementary Heath Form

Please provide the form certifying your health safety from Corona Virus. Please note that without this form, a visa will not be issued.

Corona Virus Medical Clearance Certificate

Please provide the Medical clearance certificate certifying that you will not pose a risk for the PNG community.

Copy of the BIO page of the passport

Please provide a clear copy of the page of the passport with the information about your bio.

Please select whether you would like to proceed on cancel your application.

Proceed                    Cancel

Enter all the information regarding your e-Visa registration following the given steps and instructions. Please make sure to avoid making mistakes or providing invalid and wrong information. Otherwise, the application for the e-Visa will be canceled or revoked.

eVisa Registration

Step 1 - Permit Application

Business / Short-Term Single-Entry

* How long do you wish to stay in PNG?

(Please enter the number on the box and select your staying duration on days/months/years)

Days  Months  Years

* How do you intend to fund your stay in PNG?

(Please enter your plan with proof of funding for your stay in PNG)

     Company Sponsor


     Own funds


Step 2 - Applicant’s Details

(Please input all the personal information on the boxes carefully. Provide the same information as provided on the passport)

* Family Name

* Given Names

* Date of Birth

* Gender

Marital Status

     Defacto Relationship



     Not Stated

     Other Single, Never Married


* Citizenship by birth

* Country of Birth

* Nationality


Step 3 - Passport Details

(Please insert passport details on the boxes. Make sure the information are valid and matches your passport)

* Passport Number

* Re-enter Passport Number

* Expiry Date

* Issue Date

* Issuing Place

* Issuing Authority

* Document Type

     Boat ID

     Certificate of identity

     Document of Identity

     Other Document


     Status of Forces Card

     Traditional Border Crossing Card Holder

     Travel Permit


Step 4 - Alias (If exists/existed)

Have you ever been known by other name/names?

If yes, please provide details below.(Provide the identity of the alias used)

If no, please hit the "Next" button.

Family Name

Given Names

Date of Birth


Marital Status

Other Passport Details

(Please provide the details of the other passport/s you possess. (if any))

Passport Number

Country of Issue

Expiry Date

Step 5 - Personal History

If the answer is ‘YES’ to any of the following questions, please insert details

Yes No  Have you visited PNG before?

If yes

Date of last Visit

Duration of Visit

Purpose of Visit

Address during stay

Yes No Have you ever been charged with or convicted of a criminal offence?

If yes

Detailed data, nature of offence, place of conviction and penalty imposed

Yes No Have you ever been deported from or refused entry to PNG or any other country?

If yes

Give Details

Yes No Do you suffer from a disease which would constitute a health risk to Papua New Guinea? Please provide details.

If yes

Give Details

Step 6 - Present and Staying Address

(Please provide the detailed information of your present address on the left column and address of where you will be staying at PNG on the right column)

*Residential: Number and Street

PNG: Number and Street

* Suburb/Town

* State/Province




* Country

Postal Address

*Home Phone

Mobile Phone

Home Phone

Mobile Phone

Step 7 - Emergency Contact

(Provide the details of the person to contact in case of emergency. Provide all the information correctly)

Family Name

Given Names

Relationship to Applicant

Contact Address Number and Street





Home Phone

Mobile Phone

Step 8 - Checklist of Required Items

(These are the conditions of the certificates you will be required to provide. You must present the proofs of every certificate and form.)

You must provide proof of the following documents:

Copy of the BIO Page of the passport

Corona Virus Medical Clearance Certificate

Complete Corona Virus Supplementary Heath Form

Letter from PNG based Sponsor

The following types of files can be added as an attachment: .png, .gif, .jpeg, .doc, .docx, .xlsx, .pptx, .txt, .xml, .pdf

Files must be smaller than: 10MB

Step 9 - Confirmation of application

By checking this box, you will be confirming that that you have reviewed all the data in your application. Entering incorrect information will result in an invalid application.

Additional requirements

There are some other additional requirements including the medical and character state of the applicant. If requested the applicant might have to show a Medical Health Certificate and a local police clearance certificate. If information regarding criminal history is not disclosed at the time of application, the visa might be refused or canceled. In case the applicant does not use the issued visa in a span of six months since the issued date, the visa will be considered invalid and the applicant will have to reapply for the visa.

Enjoy your stay