Visa Requirements for Bangladeshi Passport Holders Visiting Other Countries in 2023

Visa is a seal of approval authorized by the foreign authority that permits an individual to enter, remain within, and leave its territory. Some countries in the world require Bangladeshi citizens to have a visa to let them in. Bangladesh is a third-world country situated in the south of the Indian Subcontinent. Since 2nd July of 2019, 39 countries or territories welcome Bangladeshi citizens owning regular or ordinary passports of Bangladesh with visa-free or visa on arrival (VOA). This brings Bangladesh to the 101st position on the ranking in terms of travel freedom. Nevertheless, it is still stronger than a Pakistani passport.

The global coverage for a passport holder is measured in terms of the number of countries s/he can enter without a regular sticker visa. According to joint research conducted by International Air Transport Association (IATA) and Henley and Partners, Bangladeshi citizens can travel freely to 26 countries without a visa, get visa-on-arrival or with an e-visa/eTA.

A regular or ordinary Bangladeshi passport - Front side

Why do you need a Visa:

A country determines whether a person is qualified to reside within its territory and for that, a visa is needed. A visa also lets a nation’s immigration department regulate when a permanent resident can have his or her citizenship and the first arrival of the resident is a prime factor of the citizenship process. For example, a citizen of Bangladesh who seeks to enter a foreign country such as the United States must first obtain the visa of the United States, and it is generally stamped on the Bangladeshi passport. The Bangladeshi passport verifies the citizenship of a Bangladeshi resident. The citizen will only need a visa when traveling abroad. In case a visa is expired, its validity can not be expanded rather one must make a new visa.

Types of Visa:

Before traveling to foreign lands, Bangladeshi citizens should know about the types of visas and which visa is suitable according to their demands. The classification of visas lets the traveled country understand the purpose of the visitor. Also, as specific time is allotted for certain types of visas, it is easier to classify the types of travelers only by checking their visa types. A Bangladeshi citizen should keep in mind the countries that will let him or her entry to their lands with or without an issued visa along with the countries that provide the facilities of e-visa.

  • Business or Tourist Visa:It’s a visa issued to immigrants who want to enter the foreign land for a short-term duration like 1 month to 10 years with a view of business purpose or tourism or a combination of both.
  • Work Visa: This visa lasts for a fixed period (generally 1 year) for temporary immigrants who want access to a country for work. This visa is not considered permanent or definite and the prospective employer must file a petition to the authority. This petition is required to apply for a work visa.
  • Student Visa: Just as the word sounds, this visa is for the students who wish to study in a university abroad. The course of study and the type of university requirements determine how a student visa should be. This visa lasts for around 60 days after completion of a college degree.
  • Exchange Visitor Visa: This is the visa that is issued to non-immigrant individuals who wish to participate in exchange visitor programs of a certain country. Individuals have to return to their home country in 2 years after the end of the exchange visitor program.
  • Transit or ship-crew Visa: Both are issued to non-immigrant individuals. A transit visa is needed for traveling in immediate and continuous transit whereas a ship-crew visa is for working onboard commercial sea transports or international airlines. The duration of the lasting of this passport generally depends on the size of the country or the circumstances. But usually, it has a lasting period of 6 hours to 10 days.
  • Religious worker Visa: This visa is provided to individuals aiming to work on short-term assignments related to religious activities. The duration of the visa generally never exceeds 5 years.
  • Domestic employee Visa: It’s a visa applicable to employees who wish to accompany their employer or carry out domestic duties for their employer. This visa depends on the range of the plans and prospects of the country of residence.
  • Journalists and Media Visa: As the term indicates, individuals or teams when visiting a foreign land for professions like press, radio, film, and print industries use this type of Visa. The terminal point of this visa is generally 6 to 10 months.

The requirement of a visa for Bangladeshi citizens for different countries:

The requirement of a visa is different for different countries for Bangladeshi citizens. Some countries do not demand a visa, again some do. For the better planning of an immigrant, he or she must have an idea about the requirements. Otherwise, it’s a common scene where only because of lack of proper information people go through the trouble of applying for an embassy visa even though the desired country provides a visa-free facility for the immigrant. Bangladesh is not currently a Visa Waiver Program country. The requirements of visas of different countries vary on their demand. There are:

  • e Visa or eTA
  • Visa-free countries
  • Travelling with a Visa

Countries Bangladeshi citizens can visit with e-visa or eTA

Bangladeshi nationals can visit up to 22 countries around the world by applying for an electronic visa (e-visa) or electronic travel authorization (eTA) prior to the date of travel. The process of applying for an e-visa or eTA is easier and faster than regular sticker visa because it is completely online, there is no need for scheduled interview, and the e-visa or eTA approval is granted in less than 5 days. In addition, application fee for e-visa or eTA is relatively affordable as it is a lot cheaper than traditional visa. The following are list of countries that Bangladeshi citizens can travel to with an e-visa or eTA:

Most often, the applicant for e-visa or eTA required upload travel documents while filling the application form online. Requirements vary based on country the traveler intend to visit, but most commonly required documents and information are:

  • Passport - valid up to 6 months prior to application
  • Photo - photograph colored
  • Email Address- applicant receives e-visa or eTA approval
  • Credit/Debit card - for applicant to pay the application fee

Additional Document may required:

  • A return ticket - a confirmed return to Bangladeshi or ticket to the next country may be required in some cases.
  • A business invitation letter in case of the business e visa
  • Medical certificate letter from home in case of the medical treatment overseas visa
  • Travel Insurance that cover Coronavirus / Covd-19
  • A conditional document like valid visa for US, UK, Europe-schengen, Canada or temporary residency / permanent residency permit.

Always have a printed copy of your e-visa or eTA approval with you when you travel to any of these countries listed above.

E-tourist visa:

Some countries issue e-visa or electronic visas to Bangladeshi citizens. This means a Bangladeshi citizen can apply for a visa to such countries online. For traveling to some visa-free countries, a Bangladeshi passport holder must pre-register an online visa waiver application and thus receive a travel authorization before leaving the home country. This visa is made to lessen the trouble of applying for a visa from an embassy or consulate. 18 such countries that issue an e-visa to Bangladesh and they are:

  • 1. Antigua and Barbuda (30 days)
  • 2. South Sudan
  • 3. Côte d'Ivoire (3 months)
  • 4. Djibouti (31 days)
  • 5. Ethiopia (90 days)
  • 6. Gabon
  • 7. Guinea (90 days)
  • 8. Kyrgyzstan
  • 9. Malawi (90 days)
  • 10. Malaysia (30 days)
  • 11. Myanmar (28 days)
  • 12. Qatar
  • 13. Sao Tome and Principe
  • 14. Suriname
  • 15. Uzbekistan (30 days)
  • 16. Zambia
  • 17. Zimbabwe

E-visa or visa on arrival:

Some countries provide the opportunity of both an e-visa or a visa on arrival (VOA). For these countries, a Bangladeshi citizen can either apply for an e-visa or a visa on arrival. They are:

  • 1. Benin (30 days for e-visa and 8 days for VOA)
  • 2. Kenya (3 months)
  • 3. Madagascar (90 days)
  • 4. Sri Lanka (30 days)
  • 5. Uganda (30 days)

Countries Bangladeshi citizens can visit with visa-on-arrival or visa-free

In case a Bangladeshi citizen wishes to travel to foreign lands, he or she has the opportunity to travel to some countries or territories where a visa is not required. Such countries welcome the citizens of Bangladesh without any authorization or visa. Generally, in these countries, travelers visit with a view of a short stay, tourism, or medical purposes. As stated before, Bangladesh is in the 101st position in terms of traveling freedom. Traveling freedom is measured by the number of countries an immigrant can travel to without a visa.

Bangladeshi nationals can visit up to 26 countries around the world without prior visa, and receive the visa at the port of entry of the country of destination or without any form of visa. We recommend arrange evisa if possible to save time and peace of mind at port of entry, The requirement at the port of entry is your Bangladeshi passport and additional documents as below. The following are the list of countries by continent that Bangladeshi can visit with visa-on-arrival.

The following are the list of countries by continent that Bangladeshi can visit without prior visa:

Requirements for issuing visa-on-arrival or visa free travel can be vary from country to country, but most commonly required documents/information are:

  • Passport - valid up to 6 months prior to entry
  • Colored Photograph
  • Fill form - information about place(s) traveler will be visiting and residing/lodging
  • Return/Onward Ticket
  • Proof of sufficient fund and travel health insurance

Visa on Arrival:

A visa or arrival or VOA from some countries is a kind of certificate that makes a Bangladeshi citizen capable of obtaining a visa upon entering a border entry checkpoint or airports. Some countries provide visas to Bangladeshi citizens upon arriving on the country’s territories. In such a case, one is not required to apply for a visa beforehand. 17 countries provide such opportunities to a Bangladeshi citizen, namely:

  • 1. Bolivia
  • 2. Guinea-Bissau (90 days)
  • 3. The Maldives
  • 4. Mauritania
  • 5. Mozambique (30 days)
  • 6. Nepal (30 days)
  • 7. Rwanda
  • 8. Samoa
  • 9. Seychelles
  • 10. Sierra Leone
  • 11. Somalia (30 days)
  • 12. Timor-Leste (30 days)
  • 13. Togo (7 days)
  • 14. Tuvalu (1 month)

Regular Visa Countries Bangladeshi citizens must get regular sticker visa before visiting

198 countries require a Bangladeshi citizen to already carry a visa while arriving on their territories. Immigrants are usually required to complete and bring an embassy visa application. The traveler must carry other necessary documents and permissions related to entering foreign lands. Other than that, he or she will not be permitted to enter the borders of the country. The requirements depend on the policies of such countries and regulations that must be maintained on foreign lands.

The main destination where an embassy visa is required are:

Regular sticker visa required before visiting

Countries that do not Allow Bangladeshi Citizens:

There are a few countries that do not let a Bangladeshi citizen enter, even if he or she applies for a visa. These countries do not allow a visa on arrival or an e-visa either. Because of country policies, they do not issue any kind of visa to any Bangladeshi citizen. The countries are :
  • 1. Iraq (except transit)
  • 2. Libya and
  • 3. Sudan

No Visa Required Stamp:

In case a foreign citizenship holder has a Bangladeshi family, then the spouse and children (both are citizens of Bangladesh) of that individual will not require any visa to travel to that foreign land. In this case, they will be qualified for the No Visa Required Stamp.

Steps to follow to apply for a visa through embassy:

  • A copy of the completed online visa application form.
  • Travelling documents should be ready and valid before traveling.
  • Some countries require biometrics of Bangladeshi visitors before arrival to foreign territories.
  • Passport-quality photos in digital format should be ready at hand.
  • In some cases, to acquire a visa an individual needs a special invitation letter from a foreign country.
  • Copy of the photo page of the passport is also required.
  • Valid passport with at least 6 months of validity and at least 2 blank pages.
  • Credit or Debit card or PayPal account to pay for the visa online or in-cash pay on spot.

Requirements to apply for a visa online:

  • Online visa application form is to be filled up and submitted.
  • The completed form is to be printed out.
  • The form along with required documents and fees for the visa application should be brought to the nearest visa office.

Requirements to apply for an e-visa:

  • The visa is to be applied online from the website of the desired country the individual is to travel to.
  • The e-visa fee is paid online through credit or debit card or any other payment method.
  • The Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) will be sent to the individual’s e-mail. He or she should make sure that the email is received.
  • After traveling to the desired country, the ETA is to be printed out and presented at the Immigration Check Post. E-visa will be stamped on the passport.

Steps to follow to get a visa on arrival:

  • In the case of VOA visitors do not need to apply for a visa from their home country.
  • Passport validity has to be for at least 6 months.
  • Visitors have to queue at the VOA counter or the immigration desk of the international airport of the visited country.
  • The passport, return ticket, and hotel booking forms must be ready at hand to apply for a VOA.
  • Visitors must have proof of enough financial support themselves to cover their stay.
  • Travel health insurance has to be ensured if required.
  • A VOA form is to be formed by the visitor and has to pay the fee for the visa.

Requirements to travel without a visa:

  • International travel insurance must be ensured in any case of traveling without a visa.
  • The visitor has to show proof of accommodation for the whole of traveling.
  • The traveler must also show that he or she has enough financial support for the duration of their stay.
  • Some countries might demand ETA.

Schengen Visa: This visa allows a traveler to travel between 24 countries in Europe. Schengen visa is to be applied at the embassy of the main destination. The area mostly functions as a single jurisdiction for international travel purposes, with a common visa policy. As long as the visa is valid an individual holding a Schengen visa can travel freely between the following countries:

  • 1. Austria
  • 2. Belgium
  • 3. Czech Republic
  • 4. Estonia
  • 5. Finland
  • 6. France
  • 7. Germany
  • 8. Greece
  • 9. Hungary
  • 10. Iceland
  • 11. Italy
  • 12. Latvia
  • 13. Lithuania
  • 14. Luxembourg
  • 15. Malta
  • 16. Netherlands
  • 17. Norway
  • 18. Poland
  • 19. Portugal
  • 20. Slovakia
  • 21. Slovenia
  • 22. Spain
  • 23. Switzerland
  • 24. Sweden

Visa link with passport: Passport is the poof of an individual that he or she is the citizen of the country that issued the passport. This document shows the existence of citizenship of the individual living within its territory. A National ID card or a Birth Certificate is a must for issuing a passport. Again, if someone’s name is changed legally, the individual must obtain a new passport. For obtaining a travel visa the traveler must own a valid passport as the visa is usually stamped on or glued into the passport. Without a passport, a visa is never issued. If a visa is valid but passport is expired, one can still visit the country of the visa with the two passports, old and new.

Special prerequisites to keep tabs on:

  • Vaccination: Vaccination is usually required by several African countries. These countries check the authenticity of vaccination of all the coming passengers. A certain and updated certification is required from the International Certificate of Vaccination. Some countries of the South American territory like French Guiana also require such certification. Many countries require a vaccination only if the traveler has come from a possible infected area or has the recent experience of visiting one.
  • Passport validity length: One must be aware of the validity length of the passport he or she is carrying. If the validation period is over the passport will not be accepted in any country. So, the passport should be up to date and abide by all the other passport validity lengths of the visited countries.
  • Criminal records:If an individual carries a criminal record then by any cost will not be permitted on the lands of countries like Australia, Canada, Fiji, New Zealand, and the United States.
  • Biometrics: Several countries require fingerprints, face recognition or iris scanning of the immigrants traveled to their countries. This helps them to keep a valid record of incoming travelers. If anyone refuses to abide by their rules it might even be considered a crime.
  • Travel Health Insurance:This is issued to Bangladeshi nationals who intend to travel abroad for distinctive purposes. It is a short-term health insurance policy that provides medical care overseas. This policy carries the cost and responsibility of the health and medication of an immigrant. In case of the death of an immigrant, the insurance will bear the cost of transporting the dead body to its homeland. It is convenient to have travel health insurance made to cover the length of the trip.
  • Proper passport demands: A recent (less than six months) passport size photo (2x2 inches) on clear white background, biometric data accompanied by applicant’s National ID card or Digital birth certificate must be ensured while applying for the passport. A scanned copy of the e-passport will also be required. The documents of the passport must be clear and readable to avoid unwanted problems. An up-to-date passport is required to apply for a visa.

Do’s and Don’ts for visa application:


  • Processing time should be checked. Individuals should make sure to check the processing time of the Immigration office. For suitability, three months of an advanced visa application should be made.
  • Documents should be complete and accurate. All the necessary information is to be provided in a detailed manner demanded by the application. In case data is not required, blanks should be filled with NA, nil, or none. The information provided must be authentic and accurate.
  • Documents must be signed and arranged. Confirm to sign all the single documents required for your signature.
  • A clear photocopy of the original documents should be provided. The original copies and photocopies of all the necessary and supporting documents should be presented.
  • All the photo requirements must be ensured. Photos that are clear and such that it shows detailed facial features are required.
  • Inappropriate attire must be avoided if attending a visa interview.


  • Inauthentic information or fraudulence. Any file or document with false or wrong information must never be showed or attached. If found guilty individual may be permanently banned from the country that he or she wishes to travel
  • No piece of information must be hidden or misinterpreted. The authority will verify all the information. So, there is a high chance of being caught on the crime of hiding important information
  • While applying for a visa one must never be late. Punctuality is highly demanded and under adverse circumstances, one must call and inform the authority about the situation.
  • Cut-out photos must not be used in a visa application. Using a cut-out from a bigger photo in order to fit the requirements must be avoided. The provided photo must have specific formats and dimensions.

A visa is very easy to obtain if the rules are followed and requirements are met properly. This authorization is a very sophisticated document. So, it is highly necessary that proper and prescribed formats are followed while issuing a visa for a country. With this simple but valuable stamp, it is possible to mark your existence in any corner of the world. All the information a Bangladeshi citizen needs to know to issue a visa for any country except for the banned ones is included in the document above. Have a safe journey.