Visa Requirements for Gabonese Passport Holders Visiting Other Countries in 2024

The global coverage for a passport holder is measured in terms of the number of countries s/he can enter without a regular sticker visa. According to joint research conducted by International Air Transport Association (IATA) and Henley and Partners, Gabonese citizens can travel freely to 25 countries without a visa, get visa-on-arrival or with an e-visa/eTA.

A regular or ordinary Gabonese passport - Front side

Countries Gabonese citizens can visit with e-visa or eTA

Gabonese nationals can visit up to 31 countries around the world by applying for an electronic visa (e-visa) or electronic travel authorization (eTA) prior to the date of travel. The process of applying for an e-visa or eTA is easier and faster than regular sticker visa because it is completely online, there is no need for scheduled interview, and the e-visa or eTA approval is granted in less than 5 days. In addition, application fee for e-visa or eTA is relatively affordable as it is a lot cheaper than traditional visa. The following are list of countries that Gabonese citizens can travel to with an e-visa or eTA:

Most often, the applicant for e-visa or eTA required upload travel documents while filling the application form online. Requirements vary based on country the traveler intend to visit, but most commonly required documents and information are:

  • Passport - valid up to 6 months prior to application
  • Photo - photograph colored
  • Email Address- applicant receives e-visa or eTA approval
  • Credit/Debit card - for applicant to pay the application fee

Additional Document may required:

  • A return ticket - a confirmed return to Gabonese or ticket to the next country may be required in some cases.
  • A business invitation letter in case of the business e visa
  • Medical certificate letter from home in case of the medical treatment overseas visa
  • Travel Insurance that cover Coronavirus / Covd-19
  • A conditional document like valid visa for US, UK, Europe-schengen, Canada or temporary residency / permanent residency permit.

Always have a printed copy of your e-visa or eTA approval with you when you travel to any of these countries listed above.

Countries Gabonese citizens can visit with visa-on-arrival or visa-free

Gabonese nationals can visit up to 25 countries around the world without prior visa, and receive the visa at the port of entry of the country of destination or without any form of visa. We recommend arrange evisa if possible to save time and peace of mind at port of entry, The requirement at the port of entry is your Gabonese passport and additional documents as below. The following are the list of countries by continent that Gabonese can visit with visa-on-arrival.

The following are the list of countries by continent that Gabonese can visit without prior visa:

Requirements for issuing visa-on-arrival or visa free travel can be vary from country to country, but most commonly required documents/information are:

  • Passport - valid up to 6 months prior to entry
  • Colored Photograph
  • Fill form - information about place(s) traveler will be visiting and residing/lodging
  • Return/Onward Ticket
  • Proof of sufficient fund and travel health insurance

Regular Visa Countries Gabonese citizens must get regular sticker visa before visiting

There are 175 countries that operate traditional visa requirements for Gabonese nationals. You need to apply, pay visa-fee and submit required documents to the embassy of these countries in your resident country, after which they will schedule a physical interview before deciding on your visa application. This is often considered a strict visa process. Below is a list of countries by continent that Gabonese cannot visit without a regular sticker visa:


Citizens of Gabon need Regular/Paper Visa to visit these Countries/Nationalities

Visa Exempt Countries/Nationalities for citizens of Gabon

Regular sticker visa required before visiting