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The World's Best Digital Nomad Visa Unveiled in European Country

Choosing a country to live and work remotely in as a digital nomad can be overwhelming. Visa requirements, taxes, and living costs all vary greatly. This article explores the best and worst destinations for digital nomads in Europe, based on a ranking by VisaGuide, a travel visa specialist.

VisaGuide's Digital Nomad Index considers several factors crucial for remote workers:

  • Taxation: Length of tax-free periods and overall tax rates.
  • Visa Logistics: Visa duration and ease of application.
  • Minimum Income Requirements: The minimum monthly income you must prove to qualify for the visa.
  • Lifestyle Factors: These include internet speed, cost of living, healthcare quality, and overall tourist appeal.

Top Spots for Remote Workers

  • Spain: Ranked first globally and in Europe, Spain offers a dream combination:

-Six months of tax-free work.

-Low €2,140 monthly income requirement.

-Excellent internet speeds and healthcare.

-Moderate living costs at €673 per month.

  • Romania: This budget-friendly option boasts:

-The highest internet speed in the survey.

-The lowest cost of living at just €539 monthly.

-A high minimum income requirement of €3,300 however.

  • Croatia: Striking a balance, Croatia offers:

-A reasonable minimum income requirement of €2,539.31.

-Moderate living costs of €686 monthly.

-Slower internet speeds compared to other top spots.

Other Notable Options

  • Malta: Enjoy tax-free work with a €2,700 minimum income requirement and a slightly higher cost of living (€781 monthly).
  • Iceland: While tempting with zero tax, Iceland presents challenges:

-A sky-high minimum income requirement.

-A high cost of living.

  • Cyprus: Ranked worst in Europe, Cyprus has drawbacks:

-Requires 20-35% tax after a six-month tax-free period.

-High minimum income requirement.

-Slow internet speeds can hinder productivity.

This is just a starting point! Consider your priorities - taxes, budget, lifestyle - to find the European digital nomad destination that best suits your needs. Remember, to research specific visa requirements and costs before making a move.


What's the best country in Europe for digital nomads?

Spain takes the top spot with a tax-free period, low minimum income requirement, and excellent internet and living conditions.

What are the cheapest places to live and work remotely in Europe?

Romania offers the lowest cost of living at €539 per month but has a higher minimum income requirement. Croatia is another budget-friendly option.

Where can I work remotely in Europe with no taxes?

Several countries have tax-free schemes, including Romania, Croatia, and Malta, but these may come with limitations like duration or minimum income.

What are some drawbacks to consider?

Iceland, while tempting with no tax, has an extremely high cost of living and minimum income requirement. Cyprus also has limitations with taxes after the initial tax-free period, high-income requirements, and slow internet.

What should I do before choosing a location?

Research specific visa requirements and costs for your desired country. Consider your priorities - taxes, budget, lifestyle - to find the best fit for you.

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